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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

We’re at a point in the semester where things start to become overwhelming. Usually around this time each semester, I find myself falling into a slump. I procrastinate on assignments, hurry through textbook readings and feel exhausted. Whenever I’m I find myself slipping into this state of mind, I usually try to find motivation in any way to help me keep going. Some of my favorite ways to feel inspired again are Pinterest, writing out my goals and talking to a friend. But, another way I’ve found that motivates me is watching my favorite YouTubers.

I’m currently subscribed to a few different YouTubers that are also college students, and I love watching their videos to get ideas on how to be productive. I enjoy learning about other people’s routines, hearing advice on how to stick to a schedule and finding how to accomplish more and = things, such as health and fitness. Whenever I find myself lacking the motivation to keep going or finish my assignments, I usually turn to one of these YouTubers’ videos.

Here are a few of my favorite channels, the types of videos they create and what I like most about their content.

Hannah Elise

Hannah Elise is my absolute favorite content creator on YouTube. I love how she is relatable, a little bit quirky and an overall great person. In a normal video from her channel, you can expect to see Hannah clean her room, get — or make — an iced coffee, have a productive school day including Zoom meetings and her comfortable work from her home office.

I love how real she is in her videos, discussing difficult topics such as anxiety and mental health, as well as giving advice to students regarding majors and college life in general. Her video “My Experience as a College Transfer Student” really helped me feel less guilty after I transferred and reminded me to focus on how the move would benefit me.

I also love her thrifting videos, and she gives a ton of great ideas for flipping your thrift finds for making them trendier and more personalized to you. I love to watch Hannah’s “day in the life” or “week in the life” videos when I need motivation. I love seeing her go through her daily routine and accomplish her to-do list, and it makes me want to do the same!

Abby Asselin

Abby Asselin, a current accounting graduate student at the University of Alabama, is another one of my favorite creators on YouTube. Her videos are a great place to look when you need health and fitness advice. Almost all of her daily or weekly vlogs consist of healthy meal ideas and workout routines. Seeing her go to the gym and crush her workouts inspires me to keep focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Abby is insanely productive, and I love seeing what she gets accomplished in a day. I enjoy following her morning and night routines, also. They’ve inspired me to set similar routines for my daily life, to maintain some consistency and put self-care as a focus in my life.

If you’re interested in podcasts, Abby also hosts a podcast entitled “Gen Z Girl,” which is filled with amazing advice for improving mental and physical health, ideas on how to improve your daily life and Q&A’s regarding these topics.

Julia K Crist

Julia Crist is a college content creator who posts mainly technology and productivity-related videos. Her most popular upload is her “iOS 14 iPhone Customization + Organization Tips/Tricks” video with 8.4 million views. In this video she shows you how to customize your phone with different widgets, app covers and more available with iOS 14.

Most of her technology videos discuss Apple products, showing the unboxing of new products or tips regarding each device. She also uploads many “day in the life” videos, where she attends class, crosses things off of her to-do list and takes care of her cute puppy named Luna.

She also recently rebranded her YouTube banner and color palette for her video graphics, and her beautiful brand has inspired mine. If you have a love for technology and different ways to use devices, I highly suggest Julia’s channel.

Kate Russell

Kate Russell is a fellow University of Florida student that creates vlogs including health, student life, fitness and more. In her videos, Kate shows a lot of workout routines and recipe ideas that are vegetarian or vegan. She creates content that shares her healthy lifestyle and ways to implement it in your own life. Her videos highlight different restaurants in Gainesville that offer healthy and vegan options.

She also shares a lot about productivity, taking you along with her throughout the day and sharing her studying and homework routines. I love that Kate is a UF student because her vlogs make you feel like you have a friend on campus. Kate also talks about sorority life at UF, if that’s something you’re interested in learning more about. Overall, Kate is a great person to follow if you want to learn more about UF and Gainesville, her videos provide a glimpse of what other students’ lives are like.

Sophia Pruett

Sophia Pruett is a college student in North Carolina that creates a lot of productivity and daily vlogs. I love seeing her daily life, what adventures she and her friends go on, her morning routines and what coffee shops she visits. She has also made a couple of deep cleaning and closet cleanout videos recently, which I enjoyed. Cleaning time-lapses always inspire me to deep clean my space, too.

 Sophia also shares a lot about her mental health and her faith, if you are interested in those topics. All of her content has a very peaceful and calming vibe. Sophia’s channel is extremely aesthetic and also includes so many tips for productivity and motivation.

Overall, these are my current favorite college YouTubers that create content that both drives and calms me. Their videos never fail to make me feel more hopeful, energized and prepared to tackle my long to-do lists. Whether you’re on the hunt for a relatable YouTuber, advice regarding technology, healthy meal ideas, workout inspiration or productivity tips, these are the girls for you. I hope you’ve found your new favorite YouTube channel and the videos listed to inspire you!

Madison Hodge is a junior at the University of Florida where she majors in Advertising. She has a small business on Etsy named Stardust Design, where she sells custom digital illustrations, stickers, apparel, and more. In her free time Madison loves to spend time with her boyfriend, go to the beach, drink lemonade, and draw.