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5 Ways to Style Flared Denim Pants

While roaming the thrift stores of Gainesville this semester, I found the perfect pair of flared jeans at a hole-in-the-wall store called Urban Thread. The secondhand shop on 13th Street is chock-full of online returns and like-new clothing, and it’s the only thrift store where I could find flared jeans. I came across a discounted pair of white flared Free People jeans and bought them immediately. Since then, I’ve had to stop myself from wearing them every day.

Are you into the flared jean trend but unsure of how to wear them? Here are five ways to style flared denim that will keep everyone — including your own wardrobe — on their toes. 

Floral vibes

I know, I know. It’s no longer spring, so why am I suggesting florals? First of all, florals can mean dark florals. But really, if you’re a Florida resident you know that we still have 80-degree days in November. That’s why you, my lovely UF students, can get away with this look so late in the year. Florals communicate a cool, yet feminine vibe that also plays up transitioning weather. So, just because you’re wearing flared jeans doesn’t mean committing to a winter wardrobe. Embrace your spring shirts and dip your toes into fall with flares.  

Edgy denim

Peace, love and leather jackets? You don’t have to be a hippy to wear flared denim. Compliment your flared jeans with dark colors, skulls and tough accessories to transform these trousers into a much ‘edgier’ look. Or, consider investing in a darker wash for moody ensembles–even if that means you don’t actually wash them. With or without the extra material at the bottom, flared jeans are versatile beyond the bohemian realm.

Layered bohemian

With that being said, don’t steer away from a boho vibe just because you’re wearing flared jeans. Only you can determine what your outfit will look like, and more importantly, how you feel wearing it. So, get past the mental block that flared jeans are too hippy to wear with a boho outfit. Just avoid the overly ’60s/’70s tye-dye and rainbows. For a more sophisticated bohemian look, stick to neutrals and earth tones. You’ll get earthy boho with elegance. Play with layers and textures, but stick to a minimal color pallet. Think Olsen twins in the late 2000s.

Friday night hot pants

Ditch the skinny jeans and tight skirts for denim that will actually accentuate your curves. Flared jeans give you an hourglass figure, especially from the waist down. Growing up, flared denim was my favorite because it evened out my hips and thighs. Now that I’m in college, I realize even more how flared jeans hug all the right curves. Go basic with your outfit and rock some killer heels to draw more attention to your flares. And though not pictured, pair flared denim and belly chains to boost the (sex) appeal of your Friday night.

Everyday flares

Think about what you throw on every day. Now think about this. What if you put the same thing on, but your pants were flared? My everyday uniform is a band tee and jeans, so I’ll put on flared denim to mix up my daily routine. I’m not saying you need to buy flared denim for every day of the week. However, a change in silhouette really changes your look. The most important thing to remember is flared denim is still denim. Jeans are jeans. They’re a comfy neutral that will fit perfectly into your casual, everyday wear.

This fall’s revival of flared jeans is just the beginning. Take these five ways to style flared denim and run with it! If you start experimenting with looks now, you’ll have a flared jean routine in no time.

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