5 Ways to Incorporate Color in Your Everyday Makeup Look

Many women stick to neutral makeup looks for their day to day look. However, wearing colorful makeup doesn't have to only be for special occasions. These are five different ways you can incorporate color into your makeup for a “wearable look.”

1. Pair complementary colors




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Pairing two complimentary colors together is a way to incorporate color in a full proof way. Colors like purple and yellow or blue and orange will always look good together but some color combinations work well together too such as the yellow and pink pictured below. I used two orange shades in the crease and then a turquoise blue all over the lid. If you aren’t sure how to pair colors together, use an eyeshadow palette and pair two shades from the palette that will likely pair well.

2. Simple eye, bold lip




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If you want to add a pop of color without going over the top you can wear bold lipstick. Pair it with a neutral eye look or just mascara to make the lipstick stand out even more.

3. Add a pop of color in the inner corner




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This is a trick I recently discovered and I think it's great for those just starting to do colorful makeup. To spice up a more neutral eyeshadow look you can add a pop of color in the inner corner and it will bring your whole face to life.

4. Colorful eyeliner




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Many play it safe with black or brown eyeliner but trying out different eyeliner colors can drastically change your look. If you are unsure what colors to pair in an eyeshadow look you can just use a colorful eyeliner by itself to add color to your look.

5. One eyeshadow shade all over

Adding just one color all over the lid seems an obvious way to add color to your look but there are many different ways to achieve this look. You can pack on a bright shade for a highly pigmented look or add a wash of color by using only a small amount of shadow on your brush and blending it all over.

You can try all of these looks on their own or combine some if you're feeling on the bold side. Ultimately, experimenting with makeup can be a form of expression in which you showcase your creation to the world.