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5 Things Everyone Loves About Fall

We all know that one person who loves fall everything: fall colors, fall weather, fall holidays, fall seasonal foods and beverages. In my circle, that one person is usually me. I’m always looking forward to fall, especially after endless months of Florida heat. There’s a million and one things we love about fall, but here are five of my favorites:

1. Sweater Weather

I’m perfectly aware that the Floridian’s idea of “chilly, autumn weather” isn’t a big deal for some people (I’m looking at you, northerners!). But after months on months of being drenched in sweat and living in shorts, 65 degrees is a welcome change. Fall means it’s not only socially acceptable, but physically possible to wear leggings to class. Sweater weather also means that wearing makeup and walking outside will not result in a sweaty sheen taking over your fresh layer of contour.

2. Fall Flavors

Need I say more? I still remember the first time I tried a pumpkin spice latte (pro-tip: try it with coconut milk. You will not regret it.), and It. Was. Magical. Luckily for us pumpkin spice fans, everything is wonderfully PSL this time of year, including, but not limited to, ice creams, candles, cookies, and even M&Ms. But, if pumpkin spice isn’t your thing, plenty of other delicious flavors, like s’mores and caramel apple also dominate menus around this time of year. Limited edition flavors that taste like fall-in-a-cup? Yes please.

3. Halloween is the bomb and all, but what about Thanksgiving?

Once the leaves start turning orange and the Halloween candy goes on sale, we’re all excited for Thanksgiving. There’s no other holiday that will make it a social norm for you to consume your weight in mashed potatoes and pie. Thanksgiving is also way more than food: you spend time with loved ones you haven’t seen in awhile, and it is also one of the best times to showcase the skills you picked up from watching back-to-back episodes of Chopped on Netflix. On that note, a great pumpkin pie recipe is this one.

4. Shopping, anyone?

While we’re on the subject of Thanksgiving, there is also no other holiday that will let you go out at midnight, and buy a pair of boots for 75% off. And if the shopping equivalent of the Hunger Games isn’t exactly your cup of tea, Cyber Monday always comes in clutch. I always try to justify my Black Friday and Cyber Monday hauls by telling myself I’m getting one heck of a jumpstart on holiday shopping. Trust me, you won’t be judging me when you’re looking for a gift for your best friend two days before Christmas.

5. The countdown to the holidays!

Fall also means one thing: the holidays are right around the corner. I personally look forward to Christmas all year, and the anticipation is at an all-time high around mid-fall. Why? We have the premature release of holiday ads and decorations to thank. As the weather gets cooler and more snowmen and Santas start replacing the turkeys and pumpkins on the shelves, I look forward to the next season, too. Yeah, this one may not exactly be about fall (in fact, it may be more about my obsession with Christmas), but regardless of which holiday you celebrate, fall sure makes the wait easier!

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Cindy is a senior at the University of Florida. She's hoping to make this year a good one. She loves sriracha and hates talking about herself in third person. As a member of the Her Campus team, she enjoys writing about everything from body positivity to failed cooking endeavors. She has a personal blog that she wants to try and update more frequently and hasn't been very good about, but if you're curious, you can feel free to check it out at thecindycopies.blogspot.com Ask her for her opinion because she's got lots of them, or if that isn't your thing, you read about them every week. HCXO!
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