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5 Things Anyone Who Watches ‘This Is Us’ Knows Too Well

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Prior to a couple months ago, I had never watched “This Is Us.” It was one of those shows that was talked about all the time, but I had never seen it. When I found myself with no other shows to watch, I finally caved ­— and now I’m obsessed.

I’m at the point where I’m so invested in a show that I’m constantly relating these characters to people in real life. I feel like the Pearsons are a real family, even though they’re clearly fictional. Since the show is so realistic, there are many aspects of it that we can all understand. There are things that all This is Us watchers can definitely understand. Spoiler alert: If you’re crazy enough to have avoided this bandwagon show, watch out for major spoilers ahead!

1. Why can’t all guys be just like Jack Pearson?

Seeing how Jack Pearson treats his wife and kids makes him every girl’s dream husband. He’s the ultimate husband and father. The way he interacts with his children as they’re growing up will make anyone’s heart melt. This is why when he died in the show, it broke my heart as if I knew him personally.

In the show, he’s always the one to keep the kids calm. As Kate is struggling with her image, he keeps her positive. When Kevin feels excluded, Jack brings him back in. When Randall doesn’t feel like he belongs in the family, Jack makes sure he’s loved as much as his biological children. Since we’re in college, we may not really be looking for lifelong partners right now, but seeing how he treats Rebecca shows us the qualities we would want in one. Even when they fight, he somehow makes everything better. Jack is ultimate husband material, and we can’t help but love him.

2. Family can be complicated, but it’ll always be important.

If you watch “This Is Us,” you know its storyline revolves around family. Since we see the Pearson kids from when they’re born to when they’re older, we also see the family dynamic shift multiple times. Sometimes they fight, but they never forget how much they love each other. Each character has gone through their own problems, some extremely intense, but at the end of the day they’re family and that’s all that matters. It makes us feel like our own families are a little less crazy and a little more normal.

3. Randall Pearson is a great role model.

We find out in the first episode that Randall was left on the doorstep of a fire station the day he was born. Not dramatic at all, right? He was then adopted by Rebecca and Jack. As a kid, they noticed he was especially gifted. As a grown adult, he has a great job and a beautiful family. In a turn of events, Randall finds his father and gets to know him later in life. Even though his own father abandoned him the day he was born, Randall took in his father when he was sick with cancer. He even decides to foster children so that he can help kids have better lives like he did. Randall is a man of many talents. His big heart and success make him admirable. He went through many obstacles, yet he doesn’t let any of them stop him. We can all agree Randall is the show’s role model.

4.We’re not sure how we feel about Miguel.

We need to talk about Miguel. So we know he was Jack’s best friend, but his role took a turn after Jack passed away because Miguel ended up marrying Rebecca, Jack’s wife. Weird, I know. When I first realized this, I hated the idea — probably because I love Jack so much.

The characters have a weird dynamic with Miguel. We see that Kevin isn’t too fond of his mom’s relationship with Miguel, yet she’s much happier than she would be if she were alone.

I’m still not really sure how I feel about him. Every time I see elder Rebecca with him, I’m kind of uncomfortable. However, Jack’s death was extremely sad, so if he makes Rebecca feel better, then so be it.

5.The plot twists are endless.

Usually shows similar to “This Is Us” don’t have riveting story lines. Typically people get attached to either the characters or the drama, and the weak storyline escapes the mind. “This Is Us” is different, though. It is told in a unique way that combines past, present and future. There are constantly new things happening that we don’t expect. We’ll see an event from the past, but we’re kept on the edge of our seats until we see how it surfaces in the future.

This makes binge watching it easy, and I won’t be stopping anything soon.

Overall, “This Is Us” is my current obsession. For those who watch it, we can all relate. For those who don’t, you won’t regret getting into it.