5 Reasons to Check Out Wyatt’s Coffee in Downtown GNV

The mini-midtown coffee shop Wyatt’s Coffee is reopening this week in a new downtown location after being closed for several months. The new store will serve espresso and their ever-popular nitro cold brew. This new location is the fourth one to pop up in the downtown area, but Wyatt’s Coffee is no ordinary coffee shop. Here's why it'll be your new fave study and hangout spot.

1. The new space is straight-up Instagram goals

Wyatt’s really leveled up from their midtown location; their new shop has tons of study space and super cute decorations, which is a huge improvement from their previous location, which had about six seats and little ambiance. Going to Wyatt’s is like walking into your best friend’s tastefully decorated apartment, with Persian-style rugs and big comfy chairs that are perfect for getting cozy and doing some homework in. They also serve “for here” drinks in ceramic mugs, so you can totally ‘gram that latte art.

2. It’s just far away enough from campus that it’s not too crowded

Sometimes you just need a break from the library, but coffee shops near campus tend to fill up fast. Wyatt’s is only a mile and a half away from campus, but there’s almost always space to sit with friends. Plus, it’s downtown so you can take your coffee to go and study in Bo Diddley Plaza if you want.

3. Three words: Nitro Cold Brew

If you’ve been into practically any coffee shop in the past year or so, you know that nitrogen-infused cold brew (usually referred to nitro cold brew or simply, nitro brew) is the coffee drink of the moment. Wyatt’s has nitro cold brew down to a science, with a special brewing method they use to make it in-house, every day.

While most people make cold brew by brewing it in cold water, Wyatt’s makes theirs by brewing it hot and then flash-cooling it through a series of ice-cold metal tubes. With this method, the coffee never actually touches the ice, so it doesn’t get watered down. One of the advantages of this method is that it only takes about half an hour to make a keg, as opposed to several hours, so the coffee tastes super fresh every time.

4. The staff are friendly and helpful

Fancy coffee shops can be daunting to people who don’t typically drink coffee since baristas sometimes have a reputation for being coffee snobs. This is not the case at Wyatt’s -- every member of the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about coffee.

5. They locally source all of their coffee beans

Wyatt’s only carries coffee from local Florida roasters, which supports local businesses and cuts down on negative environmental impacts. It also means that their coffee is always super fresh, because it doesn’t have to travel a long way after it’s roast date.

Wyatt’s Coffee is currently in its soft opening stage and will have a grand opening on Friday, February 23. The shop will be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and you can even get a free drink by showing them you’re following them on Instagram or have “liked” them on Facebook. Wake up and smell the coffee, ladies — Wyatt’s Coffee will be your new brew haven!  

Photo credit: Wyatt's Coffee