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5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes I Put Together from Things in My Closet

It’s the night of Halloween. You originally didn’t have plans beyond maybe watching “Hocus Pocus” and eating candy corn. Then you get a ping on your phone and look to see your friends inviting you to a party! That’s great — the only problem is you don’t have anything to wear. In desperation, you scrounge your closet to see what you can turn into a potential costume….

1. Janis Ian from Mean Girls

There’s been a tweet circulating around the internet depicting someone dressed up as Janis, and I was inspired. This is a look I’d probably wear regularly, so the thing to keep in mind is the hair — Janis has this particular look with her bangs and a high ponytail. I didn’t do the makeup for this look, but it would’ve been gratuitous dark eyeliner. Make this a group costume by having a friend dress up in a grey hoodie and sunglasses with a sign that says “she doesn’t even go here,” or maybe have the squad dress up as the Plastics.

2. Pin-up girl

Made from a cute pair of high-waisted swimsuit bottoms, a crop top and a large bow, this pin-up look is sexy and sweet! If I were to go out with this look, I’d style my makeup to be retro-fab with a good cat eye, accentuated cupid’s bow and the classic red lipstick. For a group costume, get your friends to dress up in similar retro-inspired gear.

3. Daria from Daria

Once again, this is an outfit that I probably would wear on the day-to-day. Daria wears a black skirt, which I unfortunately don’t have, but the main focus of the look is on the iconic green jacket, black-framed glasses and deadpanned expression. A good group look would be the other characters: Daria’s little sister, Quinn, for one, as well as her best friend, Jane Lane.

4. Flower child

I like this one particularly because it can be very versatile. Right now, it looks like more of a hippie vibe. If I wanted to go very dramatic with makeup, I could turn it into a forest fairy or sprite. If I put a tank-top over the peasant blouse, I could fashion a sort of corset and be a medieval maiden or pirate, depending on what I accessorize with. On its own, it makes a great flower child hippie — but there’s so much potential going on here!

5. Spooky doll

This is one look that relied on the makeup to convey the look I was going for. I own a lot of black, so it was easy to put together and accessorize a regular Goth-looking outfit. For the doll effect, I had to rely on the pigtails and makeup to really make this look come across. This one definitely has the most spooky Halloween vibe of them all, and black is easy to find in a wardrobe and easy to match.

The possibilities of last minute costumes are endless! You just need to open up your mind and try to envision your regular wardrobe a little differently. What looks will you come up with this Halloween season?

Petrana Radulovic is a senior studying English and Computer Science. She hopes to be a writer someday and live in the Pacific Northwest, where she will undoubtedly divide her time between sipping coffee at a local café and sipping coffee in her living room, working on her latest story. She enjoys singing when she thinks she’s the only person at home, obsessively watching America’s Next Top Model, and wearing all black no matter what the weather. In her future, she sees many cats and many books and many mugs. She is currently the Senior Editor for HerCampus UFL, but writes the occasional article because she can't help herself. This is her sixth semester with HerCampus.
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