5 Hacks to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive

When I look around at women whose style I’m drooling over, there’s always some mix of five different elements in their look. My personal style lies in the gray area of comfy, cute and chic. Better yet, I only spend full price on about 25 percent of the items I own! 

Here are five simple hacks to get that sophisticated celeb look without dipping into your savings. It’s time for your appearance to match your worth: priceless.

1. Accessories

Whether gold, silver or rose gold, jewelry is sure to spice up any outfit. Places like Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy and Charlotte Russe tend to always have deals on accessories, with some items as low as $2! On days when I’m feeling lazy, but I need to look put together, I’ll pair a delicate gold chain with a set of dainty gold or pearl stud earrings, strap on a gold watch and clasp on an ultra-thin gold anklet. Sunglasses and handbags are another great way to accessorize. I prefer a pair of sunnies with a sturdy and slightly oversized frame. Bags, wallets and wristlets that match the color of either your belt or shoes, instantly transforms your outfit from typical to totally stylish and coordinated.

2. Nails

One thing I always notice about celebrities is that they constantly have well-manicured nails. Getting a manicure doesn’t have to cost anything at all. My go-to is to keep my nails trimmed and filed, regardless of whether I’ve got polish on. At-home manicures are also a really easy way to spend some time with a friend or loved one. I often opt for clear nail polish and a square-shaped nail during weeks where I’m super busy. For special occasions or days when I’m in the mood to treat myself, I stick to pastel colors and neutrals. However, if you feel the most yourself rocking fluorescent orange or midnight blue, go for it!

3. Hair

My hair is one of my most distinguishing features. My Puerto Rican and Italian roots have blessed me with sienna-colored loose curls that frizzes a ton in warmer months. After studying street-style photos of Hollywood stars, I’ve noticed that hair always looks best when it’s styled with intention. My favorite thing about this tip is you’re really working with what you’ve got with no price tag attached. Styles such as beach waves are intentionally messy but give off a cool vibe and work best with second-day hair. For kinkier coils, I’ve seen stars flaunt their volume, which comes in handy on days when frizz just won’t quit. For people with straighter strands, the classic slicked-back high pony and ballerina bun are for you. If you’ve got a little wave in your hair, try a low bun and leave out a few pieces of hair to frame your face.

4. Quality basics

Let’s be real, on some days, I barely scrape my appearance together. On days when I’m so pressed for time, I find that my quality basics always save the day. Owning items that fit well, aren’t stained and can withstand more than three washes is essential. Better yet, finding high-quality basics is so easy and inexpensive! For tops, I like to look out for items that are made from either knit fabric or a cotton and polyester blend, which keeps you cool and wrinkle-free. As for bottoms, jeans with a little bit of stretch are great for lunchtime food-babies, and they always snap back to their original shape after a wash. Stores such as Old Navy, Gap, Papaya and American Eagle offer tons of sales on basics. You could even take yourself to dinner with the money you save from buying timeless pieces that last years!

5. Strategic color or texture coordination

A trend that I’ve seen in the past few months is the emergence of the monochrome outfit. Stars such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and even Millie Bobby Brown have all been caught focusing on one color in their outfit. The best part about this tip is that all you have to do is pick outfits using the same color. This same concept applies to textures like denim or silk, too!

Don’t be fooled; looking chic can be totally cheap. With these five tips, you’ll be on your way to dressing like a million bucks.