The 5 Games to Play on a Girls' Night

In the midst of an overwhelming college week filled with deadlines and commitments, making time for a girls’ night with your best friends may just be the stress reliever you need. Throughout my freshman year at UF, I felt myself getting caught up in the usual stress, and I struggled adjusting to a completely new lifestyle. Although my first year spent in Gainesville was a learning process, I felt the new friendships I made are what made my year memorable and the stress worthwhile. Whenever I felt anxious by the overwhelming number of tasks on my plate, I took a step back and tried to find ways to alleviate some of that anxiety.

Taking time out of my day to hang out with my friends immediately put me in a better mindset. My friends and I started to find time almost every week for a “girls’ night.” Our girls’ night was not defined by who was there or where we were, but rather by the concept that we were all taking time out of our day to catch up, relax and enjoy ourselves. Aside from comfort food and a cozy home, a set of fun games can make for the perfect girls’ night in, and one of our favorite parts of each night was finding the best games to play. Over time, we have tried a wide variety of games, but listed below are the 5 best tried-and-true games for a girls’ night.

1. For The Girls

The title of the game speaks for itself; For The Girls is the perfect game to play while snacking and bonding with your friends. For The Girls is a variation of What Do You Meme?, a card game involving matching descriptions with accurate memes. In this deck, there are multiple sets of cards, including truth or dare, most likely and best of the best cards. With each set, these cards are guaranteed to make a group of friends instantly laugh. 

2. Mean Girls Expansion Pack

This game is also an expansion pack of the What Do You Meme? game; however, this one is in the theme of a classic girls’ night movie: “Mean Girls.” All of the memes and descriptions included in this pack are related to the characters and the plot of the movie. 

3. That’s What She Said

That’s What She Said is a card game that involves matching hilarious cards with descriptions to make for a funny sentence. This game will result in endless laughter while also allowing your friend group to get creative. There are over 400 cards in the deck to choose from, so this game offers endless possibilities for a night of entertainment. 

4. Who’s Most Likely To

 This card game allows for a group of friends to pick and choose the perfect cards catered toward one another. This is a great game for a tight-knit group of friends who can pinpoint specific qualities about each other. This game is always worth playing because it is intriguing to see what cards your friends pick out for you and fun to pick out cards for your friends! 

5. Hot Seat

This game involves a deck of cards, but it also involves paper and a pencil. In this game, a group of friends gets to answer a set of questions about themselves and reveal funny stories to one another. Moreover, friends have to write about one another based on the cards. 

Regardless of what you do, girls’ night is guaranteed to be filled with fun if you surround yourself with the right people. Nonetheless, trying one of these 5 games will ensure a night of laughter and stress relief, leaving you ready to tackle whatever the next week has in store.