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5 Fashion Trends That Got Me Through My Summer in Rome

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

This summer, I studied abroad in Italy, and it’s safe to say that it was one of the best summers of my life. I channeled my inner “Lizzie McGuire” for the six weeks I spent in the center of Rome. It was truly what dreams were made of, considering I was only a few steps away from countless piazzas (and my favorite gelato shop). Being able to study and travel to several cities around Italy was incredible, but constantly moving around from place to place felt overwhelming at times. Here are some trends that I used to keep things stylish (and ultra-comfortable) during my summer in Rome.

1. Birkenstocks

I never thought I could be more in love with a pair of shoes until I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks. I am a complete klutz, so these shoes were a total lifesaver walking through the uneven streets of Rome. Birkenstocks gave me the balance and support my feet needed when I had to walk to school or when I went on a tour around Rome. Also, my Birkenstocks aided me with more than just walking. I don’t think I have ever experienced heat to the extent that I did when in Rome. Having these open, airy shoes made combating the heat just a little easier.

2. Overalls

What I loved most about my overalls was that I felt super hip and unexposed. I would pair them with a light tank top or a cute bralette and it would be the perfect outfit to wear in the hot bustling streets of Rome. The temperature would usually be in the high 90s, so it was super important to wear light materials to avoid sweating through your clothes.

3. Ray Ban Sunglasses

I wouldn’t dare leave my Rome apartment without making sure I had my sunglasses in my backpack. They were the perfect accessory and could make any boring outfit more fun and vibrant. My sunnies are my go-to accessory, and I have several different types of sunglasses that I wear based on my mood and style of the day. Not only are they stylish, but let’s not forget how awesome they are when it comes to protecting your eyes from the intense sunlight. Especially in Rome when the sun is super powerful during the summer months.

4. Sundresses

Sundresses were great because they were fancy enough to wear to dinners and acceptable to wear to museums and churches. Many churches in Rome are very strict when it comes to dress code so slipping on an elegant sundress was the perfect go-to, especially when visiting places of worship such as St. Peters Basilica and Santa Maria. I loved my sundresses because I always felt polished and light against the heat.

5. Swell Bottle

Another must-have while studying abroad in Rome was acquiring the perfect water bottle. A super convenient aspect about Rome is that there are over 2000 drinking fountains across the city filled with ice cold water. That’s why I loved bringing my Swell bottle with me because it was super easy to fill and it kept my water cold all day long. I cannot stress enough how important it was to stay hydrated since I spent most of my time walking in the hot sun to and from school.

Getting to spend my summer in Rome was filled with adventures and new friendships. I highly recommend studying abroad if you have any interest in living in another country. This will give you the opportunity to surround yourself with a different culture and new scenery. I hope my summer trends will inspire you to travel and experiment with your style.  

Darcy Schild is a University of Florida junior majoring in journalism. She's the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus UFL and was previously a Her Campus national section editor. She spent Summer 2017 as an Editorial Intern at HC headquarters in Boston, where she oversaw the "How She Got There" section and wrote and edited feature articles and news blogs. She also helped create the weekly Her Campus Instagram Story series, Informed AF. Follow her on Twitter and on her blog, The Darcy Diaries.