The 5 Best Things DJ Khaled Has Ever Snapchatted

Unless you’ve been in hibernation these past couple of months, you’re probably very much aware of who DJ Khaled is, especially his presence on social media. Recently, DJ Khaled has become the self-proclaimed king of Snapchat, having garnered over 2 million followers on the social media site. This proclamation does not come without reason, seeing as how often he snaps throughout the day and, most importantly, how hilarious his snaps are. You can find Khaled snapping just about anything, from his personal chef, Chef Dee, to his traumatic experience of being lost at sea on his jet ski.

It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone has taken a peek at the famous DJ’s Snapchat and had a good laugh. Although it’s ridiculously difficult to narrow down a short list of some of the best things that DJ Khaled has snapped, take a look at our favorites from him and see if yours made the cut!

1. "They don’t want you to..."

Among one of many, this is probably one of DJ Khaled’s favorite phrases. Usually followed by an activity or object, Khaled has a whole list compiled of things "they" don’t want you to do. They don’t want you to eat lunch, they don’t want you to be on a yacht, or they don’t want you to smile. The list could literally go on forever. And nobody really knows who “they” are.

2. Chef Dee

Khaled loves to start off his day with a Snapchat video of his beloved personal chef whipping up his meals. There’s a good chance he has snapped himself asking Chef Dee, “What’s for breakfast today?” more than a hundred times. Chef Dee always responds with something insanely easy to make like toaster waffles.

3. Watering his plants

There is arguably no other man on this earth who loves his plants as much as DJ Khaled loves his. Khaled can be seen watering his plants, holding them lovingly or even talking to them at least once a week on his Snapchat story. It’s every girl’s dream to be loved and appreciated the same way Khaled loves his plants.

4. Lost at sea

A seemingly harmless jet-ski trip to visit Rick Ross turned nearly deadly for DJ Khaled when after sunset it became too dark for him to see where he was going. In true DJ Khaled fashion, he remained extremely positive throughout the whole traumatic experience, and most importantly, he Snapchatted the entire ordeal for our viewing pleasure. He’s a true survivor.

5. "Major key"

Another one of Khaled’s favorite phrases, “major key,” is usually followed by the iPhone key emoji. DJ Khaled uses this phrase when he’s dishing out any of his many pieces of advice or wants to alert his followers of special projects he has in the works. Some of our favorite major key moments have been when Khaled talked about his hammock while lying in it or when he snapped his love for Dove soap.

If you haven’t already, you can follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat through his username djkhaled305 to see more of his hilarious daily adventures. Welcome back to campus, collegiettes, and have a great spring semester! #BlessUp

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