The 5 Best Non-Drinking Party Games

Maybe you had a wild weekend, you don’t drink on principle, or you have an important test tomorrow. No matter what your reason is, it’s important to know that drinking isn’t a necessary component of having a good time at college parties. Change it up every now and then by choosing one of these non-drinking party games that will ensure a good time without the drunken debauchery:

1. Cards Against Humanity: Coined “a party game for horrible people” by its own developers, Cards Against Humanity is the more experienced, older cousin of Apples to Apples. Not meant for the faint of heart or easily offended, Cards Against Humanity is a surefire way to discover which of your seemingly normal friends is secretly the most evil, despicable, and downright hilarious.

2. Catch Phrase: An easy way to rile the passions and competition, there are plenty of free apps and card game equivalents for this fast-paced game. High-stress games always bring out a competitive edge in even the most passive of people. This game can involve a large group as long as there are two teams, so invite everyone on the floor of your dorm or apartment. A great app for this game is Phrase Party, which is available for only $1.99.

3. Just Dance 4: If this is a house party and you have the appropriate gaming console, any of the Just Dance games are a great investment for optimal party liveliness. The best part is that even if your party invitees include a few introverts, they’ll be sure to break out of their shell. Just watching others compete and try to keep up with the game’s moves will provide enough entertainment for a whole crowd.

4. Water War: Modeled after the hit Late Night With Jimmy Fallon segment, this game is perfect for beating the heat at outdoorsy summer parties. Make sure everyone is dressed appropriately and game for getting his or her hair messed up. This particular party game has minimal setup and involves items you definitely have around the house already. All you need is a deck of cards and cups of water!

5. Charades: An oldie but a goodie, charades is another classic game that involves little to no setup and brings out the actress or actor in everyone. All it takes is a couple of great categories and a few willing participants to initiate the game. Those who are too shy to act will usually be willing to participate in the guessing, so everyone has a chance to participate.

With the right group of friends, parties can be just as enjoyable without the day-long, headache-filled recovery period normally involved with drinking. Party on, collegiettes™!