The 5 Best Accessory Trends from NYFW

It’s hard to stay up-to-date with every new trend in the fashion industry. The runways and sidewalks of New York during fashion week is a way to look out for the most popular, Vogue-approved pieces.

This season’s styles appeared to include the never-dying trend of accessories. 

New York Fashion Week for Spring 2020 launched early in September and it gave us all the fashion-inspo we needed for the next few months. Here are my favorite pieces from the runway and streets of New York.


  1. 1. Below the knee fashion boots

    This 1980s classic has resurfaced recently. The simplicity and elegance of these boots are perfect for any casual or formal outfit.

    The clumped leather makes it chic; the minimalistic color and design allows for it to be matched with a range of colors. 

  2. 2. Berets

    Nothing makes a statement more than a beret. This plaid, black and white beret is enough to add character to any outfit.

    Once again, berets made their appearances as an addition to many looks on the runway and the streets outside of fashion shows. EDGII and Dirty Pineapple were a few of many to use this accessory in outfits for their shows. 


  3. 3. Floppy-brimmed fedoras

    If berets aren’t your style, try the fedora. It was a prevalent street-style at trend NYFW. 

    Being a hybrid between a safari and a cowboy hat, this accessory made its way into the runways such as the Marc Jacob’s Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear Collection and Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2020 Collection.

    These floppy brimmed fedoras gave off Bohemian vibes and seem to be a new wave in headgear. 


  4. 4. Tiny bags

    One of the oddest trends that NYFW witnessed was the s tiny bag. Fashion doesn’t always stick with practicality, and these bags are solid proof of that.

    In a pinch, you could maybe fit a lipstick and possibly airpods, but that is a big maybe. This accessory has become widespread as it was included in many shows, one of which was Louis Vuitton.

    Rihanna even sported a yellow tiny purse to match her monochromatic outfit as she made her way to her Savage x Fenty show.

  5. 5. Wide Belts

    The early 2000s is back and  wide belts are making a comeback in the fashion world.

    These belts were matched atop jumpsuits, dresses and skirts as an additional accessory to accentuate the pieces at the waist.

    Models like Emily Ratajkowski and Kate Moss made use of this look to add to their overall looks for this year’s NYFW Front Row Fashion Media Awards.  


Fashion week in New York is officially over but before heading for the runways of Europe, add these accessories to your list of must-haves for this new season.