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Throughout college, I have come to appreciate the beauty of Florida and all it has to offer. One of the best destinations in Florida, in my opinion, is Micanopy. This town showcases a quaint, homegrown Florida lifestyle with a unique piece of history everywhere you look. The quiet environment is supported by a population of only 629. With few amounts of people and plenty of space to roam freely, you can safely enjoy all the town has to offer. Micanopy is a great day trip for the upcoming spring season. Here are a few ways to make the most out of your visit to this tiny town!

Take loads of photos

At every turn and corner of Micanopy, you are bound to find a cute backdrop for a photo. With all of its historic detail and picturesque buildings, the quaint town is practically begging you to take the picture. There are varying locations throughout the town that make it suitable for Instagram pictures, senior portraits or even nice headshots for your website or business cards. Also, spring is quickly approaching, and what better way to embrace the season than to take cute pictures while frolicking around a colorful town? There’s brick, greenery, gazebos and more which make Micanopy an ultimate photo destination, whether you are in front of or behind the camera!

Visit all of the unique shops

If you’re like me, you like anything antique, nifty, crafty, historic, anything of the sorts. One of the best aspects of Micanopy is that you can feel the history with every step you take throughout the crackled roads. Inspiration can be found in every square inch of this tiny town. On the surface, you might see faded paint and dingy signs, but behind the doors are endless treasures. Multiple antique stores line the downtown strip of Micanopy. Each one brings something different to the table, literally! I could scan the shelves for hours getting lost imagining the stories behind the pieces or objects. It’s truly a perfect antique excursion. Not only does Micanopy offer some of the best antique stores, but there are also plenty of wonderful shops like art galleries, cafes and even a local farm store.

Grab a bite to eat

After a day of photoshoots and collecting treasures, you might have built up quite an appetite. If you love a quick and tasty meal made with love, you’re in luck! Surrounded by luscious trees you can find the Old Florida Cafe tucked away, patiently awaiting your arrival. They have options for both meat and plant lovers and every choice is affordable whoop whoop! The unique aspect of this indoor/outdoor restaurant is its mini thrift store hidden inside. Take your time flipping through the records or admire the various types of artwork while you wait for your meal to be served. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the ambiance of such a hidden gem.

Drive past the eye-catching houses

I’ve never left Micanopy without driving down the narrow roads on my way out. Driving around aimlessly to look at houses is one of my favorite past times, especially in Micanopy. The homes there are like none other, each one extremely different from the next. I love to admire the detail and craftsmanship of these historic homes and appreciate all the work that went into building them. There are many different styles, and the neighborhood and community seem to be an eclectic masterpiece. There are homes with pastel siding and white picket fences and others so geometric and angular I feel like I’m in a retro movie scene driving past them. Whether you’re interested in real estate, have an HGTV and home decor obsession like the rest of us or just want to do something fun and different, I recommend checking out the unique homes of Micanopy

I find myself always wanting to return to Micanopy. Each time I visit, I’m left feeling refreshed and inspired. There’s something about its quiet charm and creative aura that I find mesmerizing. Do yourself a favor and visit if you haven’t already!

Journalism major at the University of Florida.
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