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4 Ways to Rock Combat Boots This Summer

The temperature is rising, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your beloved combat boots. These bada** shoes aren’t just for cold weather. Replace your long pants and a sweater with dresses and shorts for the summer season. Here are a few different ways to look like a rock star in combat boots while on Summer vacation:

1. Plaid button-down Don’t be afraid to wear some of your winter staples over the summer. Pair your plaid button-down with a graphic tank and some shorts or try it with a dress, and go enjoy the beautiful day outside. Tying it around your waist is the best option for those steamy days, but if you happen to walk into a colder area, then your button-down can be used as another layer.

2. Floral dress Add some pattern to your outfit, and wear your combat boots with a flowery dress — the perfect mix of grungy and girly! A looser dress style will look best and be the most comfortable. It’s great for the hot summer days when you’re outside hanging out with your girlfriends. If you are not a floral dress type of gal, any pattern would work well – polka dots, stripes, or tribal!

3. Overalls Join the denim overall trend, and invest in a pair of these babies. Paired with combat boots, you’ll look like you just came from Coachella! It’s better to keep it simple with this kind of outfit and not overwhelm it with too many accessories. Adding a hat like the one seen above or even a snapback completes this bold outfit choice.

4. Patterned skirt Patterned skirts and boots are a great combination. Maybe not a pastel colored skirt, but a skirt with darker tones looks great in the summer. You can wear a skirt you’d normally use to go out with during the day if you pair it with a top like this jean one!

Combat boots are for all kinds of weather — not just the winter! Mixed with the right top and bottom, boots easily work in the summer. You can tailor any of these options to your own style and taste, substituting a chambray shirt or utility jacket for the plaid button-down if you’re not into the plaid. No matter how you wear them, keep looking like a rock star this summer, collegiettes™!


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