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4 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas During a Pandemic

While Valentine’s Day isn’t a huge deal for everyone, for the romantics out there, it’s a day we’ve been waiting for. COVID-19 has continued into this year, forcing us to brainstorm safe ways to celebrate the day of love. However, just because many of us will be at home this year on Feb. 14, that doesn’t mean it has to be any less special or any less fun! Embrace the homebody attitude and find ways to be festive with your loved ones, significant other or not! Here are a few ideas that I have come up with that I think would make for a cute and cozy date night.

Prepare a five-star dinner date

When I think of what a typical Valentine’s date looks like, my first thought is having dinner in some low lit, romantic Italian restaurant. I can see myself spending hours trying to figure out what to wear and which earrings will match my shoes best. Getting dolled up is something many of us look forward to doing and being festive can hopefully make this day feel special and different.

Grab your partner and find a recipe that both of you are dying to try and whip together. My boyfriend and I enjoy flipping through cookbooks and tabbing recipes that we want to try one day (we’ll see if we ever get around to it)! But this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try out a new recipe with your partner. Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced cook. To make it feel like more of a special occasion, use proper dishes and set the table, maybe even light a candle for a romantic ambiance. The both of you can put on your nicest outfits and enjoy a five-star dinner date that was made with love. The best part is, you can immediately throw the dishes in the sink, put on some pj’s and end the night by watching your favorite show or movie together.

Watch an entire season/movie series

While you might already have TV shows the two of you are watching together, this Valentine’s Day you can take a spin on a lazy day at home and binge an entire season or movie series. Find something that neither of you has watched before to be kept on the edge of your seat, patiently waiting to click ‘next episode’ to see what happens. Or turn on a classic that the both of you love and see who knows the most lines. The entire day can be dedicated to coziness, snacks, cuddles and good company!

Share interests with one another

If you’ve never tried introducing your partner to your interest or hobbies, there’s no better time than this Valentine’s Day to give it a shot. Whether it’s teaching them how to paint, explaining the basics of cooking or trying to put together stunning outfits, it’s always fun to bring your loved ones into what you love. You can spend the day showing each other your interests and why you love them. Not only will this lead to a better understanding of one another, but you’re bound to make cherished memories.

Play trivia games

I don’t know about you, but trivia games are always a go-to activity for me. Not only are you bound to learn something, oftentimes it can be a nostalgic trip down memory lane. There are plenty of trivia games that give you the option of choosing a theme or topic you enjoy. My favorite topics are music and pop culture. Feel free to make up your own topics or questions as well. One time, my boyfriend and I queued up YouTube videos to see who could guess varying Disney show theme songs first. We had a wonderful time laughing and reminiscing about our favorite childhood shows. There are facts and trivia about almost any topic to cater to your interests!

More than anything, I would love to get dressed up and hit the town with my man to chow down on one of our favorite meals, but this year is different, as I’m sure you’re sick of hearing. However, this Valentine’s Day can be spent wonderfully, and it can be a day where just the two of you can truly bond and spend quality time together. Like any day, it will be what you make it. There will only be one Feb. 14 in 2021. Make the most of it!

Journalism major at the University of Florida.
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