4 Theories from the Gilmore Girls Revival Season

Gilmore Girls came back with a bang as thousands of loyal fans spent their Thanksgiving weekends binge watching the return of the prodigal mother-daughter duo. Though the comeback was a bit more depressing than expected, especially considering the plunge into major existential crisis’ of our beloved main characters, the show was able to provide a bit more closure and a hell ton of questions we hope to get answers to in the future.

With that in mind, here’s the top theories from the comeback:

1. Rory Gilmore is becoming her mother.

Normally, this thought spreads fear in the mind of teen, child or person in general, but Lorelei Gilmore is far from the cringe-worthy mom stereotype we all try so hard to stay away from.

She’s the young, cool mom that most of us will fail to be with her caffeine-addiction antics and her crazed-food-obsessed ways. #MetabolismGoals

2. The Rory Gilmore we know and love has fallen from grace as her life no longer becomes a reflection of her high ambitions, high moral standards (AKA sleeping with another woman’s man, AGAIN), and her life comes in line with Lorelei’s past life.

Think about it.

Rory is most likely going to be a single parent to the child of Logan Huntzberger, who will likely parent from a distance because he is marrying an heiress, just like Christopher Hayden, who was a absent for the first half of Rory’s life. Logan and Christopher both come from wealthy families who did, and for Logan’s case will, disapprove of Rory’s child out of wedlock. Both men tried and failed at getting a Gilmore.

3. Moving forward to Jess Mariano, resident bad-boy-gone-good, he will most likely be Rory’s final official love interest, just like Luke Danes always was for Lorelei.

Jess has sporadically shown up during Rory’s life, and it’s clear he was still in love with her in this revival season. Though Jess was obviously not ready to maintain Rory as his girlfriend in the beginning, he has stepped up to the plate as a top contender with career and financial security – exactly what Rory will need. Just like Luke and Lorelei, it wasn’t always clear from the start that Jess could make it with Rory, but even I’ve converted to Team Jess because he has grown and matured his decision making, and Rory needs plenty of help in that department.

4. Ultimately, Rory will make it as a writer, despite the setbacks she’s faced, just like Lorelei did as a teen mother turned adult entrepreneur.

Keep your minds open, folks.


Photo credits: variety.com