4 Takeaways from NBC’s Good Girls Season Premiere

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On Sunday, the Her Campus UFL team joined together to catch a streaming of the season three premiere of NBC’s Good Girls. And, of course, the team munched on a spread of classic watch party eats from pizza to dessert and everything in between. After the epic episode, the team assembled their first reactions and takeaways from the explosive season premiere. From touching on social issues to sharing some serious girlboss vibes, this episode did it all.  

Everyone has their problems even if you don’t realize

Aside from the comedy, there were moments of social commentary pointing toward real-life issues such as health care. Ruby Hill played by Retta revealed an intimate moment of frustration when she realized her appeal to have her daughter’s prescription covered by their insurance was declined. This highlighted the plight of many individuals in our society right now. In a twist, the women who had been helping on the case also broke down in tears after Ruby’s bout of anger, revealing she had just been fired. At this moment, we were reminded of the reality that everyone is going through something challenging in their lives, especially when it comes to social issues such as health care and employment. 

Women don’t need men to get shit done

If one thing is taken away from this show is that women are fierce and capable of anything (although crimes should be avoided, maybe?) In one scene, Beth Boland, who is played by Christina Hendricks, and her friend Rhea, played by Jackie Cruz, discussed Beth’s financial issues she is facing and, without a second thought, Rhea whipped out her checkbook and repeatedly asked Beth how much she should write it out for. It’s moments like these that make you appreciate your girl gang that much more because you know they’ll always be there to support and help you out no matter what. Plus, it’s clear that the trio of Beth, Ruth and Annie know how to handle their shit, even if bumps come along the way. 

You do what you have to do for your family

Yes, maybe our lead characters have made some questionable decisions. Maybe they’ve committed a crime here and there. But can you blame them? Family comes first (whether that be your blood family or your found family). It’s a tough choice to make, but when you’re facing potential prison time versus your family’s livelihood, think about it. What would you choose? What are you willing to risk for your family? We hope none of you have to make that choice, but we’re not gonna condemn these women for doing what they feel like they’ve gotta do. You don’t have to morally agree with them to respect that they’re doing it all for their loved ones.

Again, maybe don’t commit crimes though?

Think of the guilt, the moral dilemma, the nights laying awake in bed because oh my God, the FBI could be outside my door right at this moment. Everyone has to make their own choices, and we here at HC UFL don’t believe in judging people because we don’t know their stories (see takeaway no. 1). That being said, make sure the choices you make are the ones that let you sleep at night. Beth starts off season three knee-deep in guilt  — season two spoiler alert in case anyone’s made it this far and still cares — after shooting Rio and leaving him for dead. So, what does she do? She befriends the mother of his child and practically trips over herself trying to give her anything she can, including sports equipment for her child. Now, I’ve never been in that position, but I don’t think being friends with your murder victim’s ex is in your best interests. That’s the guilt talking.

We may not agree with all of the choices these characters have made, but we can at least understand where they’re coming from. We’re only one episode into season three, and Good Girls is already asking us the biggest question in life: How far are you willing to go?

We’re hoping our favorite criminal trio answers with “oh so very far” and delivers a wild season.