4 Must-Have Items for Self-Defense

Everyone has become more aware of their personal safety in light of the recent attacks in and around UF's campus. Stores are selling out of pepper spray, and Tasers are being talked about as much as the latest fashion trends. If you want to stand out from the crowd, there are many unique products on the market to help you stay safe!

1. Blingsting pepper spray Blingsting wants women to be safe both on and off campus, while still feeling stylish! Their bedazzled pepper spray clip-ons do just that. Available in eight colors, the pepper spray clips on to the outside of your purse or backpack to allow easy access in case of emergency. Now you just need to decide which color to snag for yourself!

2. Yellow Jacket iPhone case If you don’t mind a slightly bulkier phone case for the sake of function, then the Yellow Jacket iPhone case is worth looking into. These cases have a detachable Taser or stun gun. Don’t worry -- the case includes protective measures to keep you from accidentally hurting yourself! In addition, each case houses a rechargeable battery to increase the life of your phone so you can always call for help when needed.

3. SABRE Red pepper gel The gel delivery style of this pepper spray helps to eliminate the chances of self-contamination. So if you’re a klutz, this pink keychain of protection is perfect for you! Plus, the design of the SABRE Red pepper gel allows for easy deployment and greater control than most other pepper sprays.

4. Damsel in Defense Hot Lil’ Hand Damsel in Defense carries a broad range of cute, yet effective safety products for women. The Hot Lil’ Hand is perfect for all the runners out there. Simply slip on the glove; it has a secure spot for your pepper spray. Running as the sun sets doesn’t have to be off-limits anymore!

Protecting yourself shouldn’t be a chore. Companies are constantly designing more innovative, stylish safety products for women. Even if you choose to purchase one of these items, it's still important to never walk alone, especially at night. Be aware of your surroundings, and never hesitate to report any suspicious activities. It's always better to be safe than sorry. Stay safe, collegiettes™!

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Photo credit:www.blingsting.com