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4 Books You Should Read this Summer

The long-awaited summer season has finally arrived, collegiettes!  I’m sure many of you have extensive summer plans, while others may be powering through the Summer C session. No matter where you go, a great book is a must-have. So I have put together four reads to add to your summer reading list. They range from romance to comedy, and all of them are light reads you can enjoy by the pool or on a long flight. Enjoy!

1. “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” by Chelsea HandlerThis is probably the funniest book I have ever read. I even cried from laughing so hard. If you don’t mind embarrassing yourself in public, pick this one up! I cannot even describe Chelsea Handler’s hilarity. Here’s a quote from this book: “Rock bottom is for sissies; I’ve hit rock bottom dozens of times. I’ve woken up next to a billy goat, for Christ’s sake.” If you have seen any of her social media accounts, you will have a taste of just how bold she is. When Kim Kardashian broke the Internet, Chelsea posted a parody picture. In the book she tells you all about her various hookups, her used car salesman father and how she started a successful babysitting service at age 11. You really need to read this one for yourself.

2. “What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding” by Kristin NewmanThis read is so perfect for those with the travel bug. Kristin is a comedy writer who has written for How I Met Your Mother and other prominent television series. Writers get about three months off each year, and in her 20s, Kristin took full advantage of this time off. She traveled to Iceland, New Zealand, Argentina, Israel and other places. So basically, she lived the life many of us hope to have one day. Seeing as she’s a comedy writer, this book is obviously funny. She also details her extended Latin American love affair and her crazy adventures abroad. Kristin also took many trips alone and made great international friends. If you want to be entertained, inspired and enthralled, read this book!

3. “The Dust on a Butterfly’s Wings” by F. Scott FitzgeraldThough many of us have been forced to read Fitzgerald in high school, I have never really heard many people complain about it. So whether you’re a fan or not, if you love his simplistic, straightforward and eloquent writing style, this is a great book for you. The book is actually a collection of short stories. I picked it up and put it down for a while, but once I got into it, I finished it within a day. There are always strong and respectable female characters, and some of the lines will just make you melt. If you need a few light and sweet reads, this is the one for you!

4. “Twisted” by Emma ChaseThis book will have you reading all day long. I think I finished it in two days. An exciting romance, it features a strong female character. Yes! It’s about Drew Brooks and Kate Evans, two investment bankers who fall in love with each other at work. Drew has a very strong narrative voice and the book is also hilarious! There are a few unforeseen turns and many memorable moments, but I don’t want to drop any spoilers. If you want laughter, heartbreak and anticipation, you know where to look!

No matter where this summer takes you, throw a book in your purse just in case. You never know how handy a great read can be. Happy reading and happy summer, collegiettes!

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