37 Things Couples Should Thank Each Other For

Hopefully you and your significant other express gratitude for each other all the time. While saying “thanks for loving me” and “thanks for always being there” are great starts, there are tons of little, everyday things that your loved one would really appreciate the appreciation for. Here are a few more specific ‘thank yous’ for all the little things that add up and mean a lot.

1. Thank you for your patience and not making your annoyance obvious when we take hundreds of photos together.  

2. Thank you for then allowing me to post the photo of us that I clearly chose because it shows my best side.

3. Thank you for always splitting a large queso with me at Moe’s.

4. Thank you for dealing with the countless times your arm fell asleep because I wanted to cuddle.

5. Thank you for dealing with my crazy antics. All. The. Time. I honestly don’t know how you do it.

6. Thank you for letting me pick which show to watch. I know Law & Order: SVU is not on your list of top five favorites.

7. Thank you for attempting to seem shocked when I try to surprise you, even though you’ve known for a while because I clearly gave it away.

8. Thank you for jamming out with me during long car rides that would otherwise leave me contemplating suicide.

9. Thank you for not skipping a beat in hesitation, and holding my hand in public.

10. Thank you for spending the entire day on the couch with me in our pajamas.

11. Thank you for dealing with my family when they are being especially annoying.

12. Thank you for dealing with me when I am being especially annoying.

13. Thank you for watching countless romantic comedies and chick flicks with me even though they may not be your favorites.

14. Thank you for sharing your food with me. That’s a big one.

15. Thank you for going to the beach with me even though you hate the sand. And salt. And sun.

16. Thank you for back massages.

17. Thank you for laughing at me even when my jokes aren’t funny.

18. Thank you for letting me think I am right most of the time, and for not rubbing it in my face when I end up being wrong.

19. Thank you for being my No. 1 supporter, even when I dismiss the nice things you say and continue to doubt myself.

20. Thank you for singing along to Taylor Swift with me, even if it makes your ears bleed.

21. Thank you for patiently waiting hours in the fitting room when I try on the entire store.

22. Thank you for forehead kisses. Those are my favorite.

23. Thank you for trying to cook us dinner, even though you usually end up needing my help anyway.

24. Thank you for always keeping our relationship fun. There’s never a dull moment with you.

25. Thank you for all the inside jokes we have together.

26. Thank you for making me feel special by opening the car door for me.

27. Thank you for making my family love you. It makes my life a lot easier.

28. Thank you for allowing me to sleep in, and for not getting mad when I fall asleep on you within moments of coming over.

29. Thank you for going on double dates with me and having to pretend to like my best friends’ dates. I know they don’t always have the best taste.

30. Thank you for pretending to care about what the obnoxious girl at work did and letting me rant to you about it.

31. Thank you for agreeing with me that that obnoxious girl at work sucks.

32. Thank you for always striking a pose in the countless selfies I take.

33. Thank you for knowing that there is always room for ice cream, so I never even have to ask.

34. Thank you for (usually) cleaning your room when I come over so I don’t have to walk into a war zone.

35. Thank you for giving me your extra Chick-fil-A sauce when I run out of mine. You the real MVP.

36. Thank you for realizing when I’m cranky and always knowing exactly what to say. You never go into such bad territory unprepared. You deserve a Purple Heart.

37. But most importantly, thank you for being my best friend.

Photo credit: pinterest.com