3 Ways to Style Sweatpants: The Lazy Girl’s Guide

We’ve all had days when dressing up in anything with a zipper seems just impossible. These are the days when reaching for a pair of sweatpants might be the best option. But when is it socially acceptable to wear sweatpants on days other than “lazy days?”

Well, the answer to that question is: whenever. In the last few years, there has been a surge in   celebrity street style that heavily relies on wearing sweatpants. This has been a favorite of many supermodels, most notably Gigi Hadid who effortlessly makes a statement wearing it regardless of the occasion.

If you’re looking to wear sweatpants other than in an “I woke up like this” way, here are three ways that you can style sweatpants for different occasions.

  1. 1. Breaking a sweat, but not really

    Let’s be real. We’ve all worn workout leggings on days when our bodies won’t even go near a gym. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to look like you’re heading for a full-on workout session after your classes. You can do the same with sweatpants.  

    I recommend that you wear a form-fitting sweatpants to give you a sleek look and the illusion that you actually will exercise later on in the day. These Nike workout sweatpants in “Plum Dust” are the perfect combination of stylish and comfortable. Keep it simple, styling this cropped white t-shirt from Nike with its standard logo design. Finish off the look with these white knit sneakers from Sam Edelman; its sock-like design is having a major fashion moment right now.

  2. 2. Night-out look

    Sweatpants might not be your first thought for a night out in town. But with the right pair of satin or silk sweats, like these black satin ones from Fashion Nova, you’re ready to party in style. The soft appearance of the sweatpants makes it a great alternative for jeans or skirts that may restrict your movement.

    This crop top from Nasty Gal with a snakeskin print design is currently one of spring’s biggest trends. It will add a chic element to your outfit. For shoes, simple black ankle strap heeled sandals like these ones from Sam Edelman are your best option to achieve a look perfectly suited for a night out with friends.

  3. 3. Class comfy  

    Since sweatpants are literally made to make you feel optimum levels of comfortableness, you will most likely need them for a long day of classes. A standard pair of gray baggy sweatpants will definitely make you appear like you’ve just rolled out of bed five minutes ago, so opt for these white Reebok sweatpants with a bold geometric color-block design that is inspired by Gigi Hadid’s style. And since yellow is very much in style this season, you can wear this cropped dark yellow sweater from Nasty Gal. Complete the look with these Doc Martens lace-up white boots, adding a little edge. I would also accessorize with this coral cross body belt bag from Guess, which will add a nice finishing touch to the color-blocking theme in the outfit  as well as a nice accessory to keep your phone and essentials in during a busy day.

As we’re heading into the final weeks of the semester, you might need to consider wearing sweatpants. You can make long hours in the library run a little smoother with the right pair of pants. And with so many ways to style sweatpants, turn this loungewear into a beautiful part of an everyday outfit.