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3 Ways to Style a Beret for Fall

Fall is finally finding its way to even the warmer parts of the globe, and with it comes some fall fashion. While there are a lot of new trends cropping up this fall, some wardrobe items are so classic that they stay in style from year to year.

The simple beret is one of them.

Hats are a must-have for fall, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. The beret, however, is pretty versatile. Not only can you wear berets with many different outfits, but you can don them in varying temperatures of fall weather. If it’s still too hot where you are that the idea alone of a beanie makes you start to sweat, a beret might be for you.

However, it can seem like an intimidating accessory if you’ve never worn one before. Not only might you be wondering what to wear it with, but the first time you try it on, you’re likely to spend a considerable chunk of time staring in the mirror and wondering at which angle you should wear it.

Even if you do already have one, you might have tried to wear it before and been unsatisfied with the way it looked.

Don’t stress. A chic beret look is a lot less tricky to master than you might think. When you go beret shopping, though, I recommend buying a black one at first. It’ll be easier to pair it with a variety of outfits, and you won’t have to worry as much about it getting stained or noticeably picking up debris as you go about your day.

Whether you’re aiming for sporty chic or esteemed Parisian elegance, a beret can easily fit into your wardrobe. Here are three different ways to style a black beret.

Look #1: Streetwear Chic

First up is a look that’s more on the casual side but still super cute. I paired a black and white striped shirt with light wash vintage high-waisted mom jeans and white tennis shoes. I also kept my other accessories to a minimum so the beret could speak for itself. I wore it at the typical slanted angle for a classic look.

This is a simple, everyday look that is elevated by the class of the beret. It feels very Parisian – you might even catch yourself grabbing a baguette on your walk home from class.

I chose stripes for my shirt to really give the look that classic French feel, but you can recreate a similar vibe by wearing just about any jeans with a neutral patterned top.

This is a great way to put a fun twist on your go-to day-to-day attire whether you’re hanging out with friends or hitting the books.

Look #2: Beatnik Flair

This look is a different take on the vintage flair that a beret has to offer. I picked out a pair of fun patterned pants, a sleeveless turtleneck and a black cardigan. Since it’s still fairly warm here in Florida, I chose a pair of dark brown sandals for my footwear, but they could easily be swapped out for oxfords or boots if it’s already chilly where you are.

The cardigan can also easily be removed if the day gets a little too warm for it. I really tried to play up the fall aspect of this outfit with the knit top and color scheme – black, orange, red and pale pink. The look also plays off the ‘60s beatnik vibe for a laidback artsy feel that’s still fashionable. It’s perfect for a walk through the crunchy fall leaves or a day cozied up at a coffee shop.

Look #3: Classic LBD Elegance

A beret is a very classy accessory, and this look shows how to take advantage of that to the fullest. A staple wardrobe item like this simple black dress is easily glammed up thanks in part to the beret.

I paired this black dress with black Chelsea boots and a colorful neckerchief. The pop of color from the scarf draws the eye in easily. Neckerchiefs and berets are both underrated accessories that complement each other well.

Having the black beret at the top of the look (on your head) creates nice framing for the scarf as well. It’s a fun, chic outfit to wear to a party, a show or out to dinner.

These are just a few ideas, but don’t be afraid to get creative and show off your individual style. Experiment a little, whether it’s pairing your beret with your favorite jeans or adding a bold, funky pair of heels.

Just like any fashion item, the key to making a beret work is embracing it. Rock your cute hat and channel your inner Parisian for a day.


All photos taken by Brianna Moye.

Brianna is a sophomore journalism major at the University of Florida. She loves both writing and reading, and she plans to become a librarian. When she's not in the library, Brianna can be found dancing to Fleetwood Mac, putting together a Pinterest moodboard or listening to a true crime podcast. You can find her on Instagram @brianna.moye and Twitter @brianna__moye
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