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3 UF Sports Teams to Watch (Other than Football)

After football season, most of UF falls into what I call PTSD, or post-tailgate stress disorder. The campus just seems to fall into a lull, especially after a less-than-stellar season like the Gators experienced this year. But with an athletics program as strong as UF’s, there is no reason our Gator pride shouldn’t continue all year round. This month, UF has four teams that currently hold the top spot in their divisions: men’s basketball, both men and women’s indoor track, and men’s swimming and diving. If it weren’t for the women’s gymnastics team and the softball team being ranked – gasp – second, there would be a sixth team holding the No. 1 title. Here are just a few of the teams you can continue rooting for this Spring:

Men’s Basketball The team has broken records this season by winning 18 consecutive games, making their record 18-0 in the SEC. While ticket registration can be hard to snag, you’re guaranteed a good time once you do get them. Gator fans pack the Stephen C. O’Connell Center decked out in blue and orange (and the occasional Pat Young style beard) and prepare to do the infamous Gator Chomp. The games are fast-paced and easy enough to follow that even the most novice of a basketball fan can understand them. Catch the Gators on TBS today at 4:10 p.m. as they take on Albany in their first game of the NCAA Tournament. March Madness has begun!  

Women’s Gymnastics If you’ve never seen the movie Stick It, stop reading this article right now to go watch it. If you have already seen it, come to the next women’s gymnastics meet to see it re-enacted live by UF’s amazingly talented team. These 5-foot girls throw their tiny bodies through the air in ways I never thought possible, and they always stick the landing. As they currently work to defend their National Championship title, the meets only get better and better. They’re heading to the SEC Championship this weekend!

Men’s Swimming and Diving I’m sure most of you are familiar with Gainesville’s most famous resident, the one and only Ryan Lochte. But long before he was an Olympic gold medalist or the star of his own television show, he was a swimmer and student at UF. The UF men’s swimming and diving team is currently ranked No. 1 in their division and positioned to be National Champions in a couple weeks. But besides that, they all have great bods that make swim meets a lot more interesting!

Next time you get sad reminiscing about those fun football tailgates, remember that UF is so much more than just a football school. With an endless amount of exciting sporting events happening on campus, make sure you grab some girlfriends and go support your fellow Gators!


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