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3 Reasons Why Andy Dwyer of Parks and Recreation is Our Hero

If you’ve watched Parks and Recreation or even seen a commercial for the show, then you know who Andy Dwyer is. I like to call him “Mr. Hot-Stuff Extraordinaire.” It’s not that he’s the best looking or the most interesting; it’s that his personality is painted all over his face and sort of becomes him. Assuming you haven’t watched Parks and Recreation as religiously as some, you may need a little convincing to leave your current beau and start featuring Andy as your “#mancrushmonday.” Here are some reasons why some of us at Her Campus UFL just can’t get enough:

1. He knows all about a balanced, nutritious diet. He wants to make sure you’re getting the necessary three to four servings of butter a day. He won’t judge you for your weird food habits or your overwhelming love for all things chocolate-covered potato chips. Go ahead, and let your freak flag fly. It’s a no-judgment zone with Andy.

2. He doesn’t mind indulging fantasies or going after your dreams. He had a band, and he wanted to be a cop and an FBI agent. He chased all of these dreams with the tenacity and fervor of a man on his last leg, and he’ll be sure to help you do the same. Time and time again, he’s proven he will go above and beyond for his friends and his lucky wife, April. We need that in our lives.

3. He is a poet through and through We all love being romanced, and Andy has mastered it. From the way he gives you a full-on grin to the moving song he wrote for Lil’ Sebastian, he puts emotions into words in such a way that may even put The Beatles to shame.

Basically our reactions to his smooth moves and witty ways are much like this:

There will come a day when we meet someone as great as this man, and we will consider ourselves lucky. Go out there and find your Andy, collegiettes™!

Journalism major with a minor in education. Currently a copywriter for Infinite Energy. Twitter handle: @DiadysFig
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