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3 Fun Nontraditional Date Ideas in Gainesville

I’m a sucker for romance. I’ve seen far too many episodes of The Bachelor, in which a first date consists of a helicopter ride over the Caribbean Isles, to not have ridiculously high expectations when it comes to date ideas. Because dinner and a movie just won’t cut it anymore, I’ve compiled a list of three other cool date ideas for couples here in Gainesville. Get ready to break the traditional date mold, collegiettes™!

1. Gainesville Rock Gym The Gainesville Rock Gym is an indoor rock-climbing facility. If you’re a couple that likes to stay active, this is an awesome way to get moving and stay romantic. But the best part of this date is that it’s acceptable to wear workout clothes. You can look hot in your comfy lululemon outfit, and your guy can show off his biceps with a frat tank!

2. Corks and Colors Corks and Colors is the ideal date for an artsy couple. You can decorate pottery, paint on canvases, or take a class. The studio also offers the option of bringing snacks and beverages, so it’s a great way to have a nontraditional “dinner” date. Corks and Colors not only gives you and your partner a chance to bond over art, but it also gives you a craft to commemorate your awesome date with.

3. Skate Station Funworks This is the ultimate date destination for adventurous, playful couples. The local entertainment park has go-karts, an arcade, and a mini-golf course all in one convenient location. Let Funworks bring out your inner child and indulge in the theme park antics.

Next time you go out on a date, be sure to switch it up a little. You and your date will both have more fun if you’re doing something outside the norm. Now your mission is to find a nice Gator boy to go on these dates with!

Editor's Note: The originally published article incorrectly reported that Gainesville Ice was an ice skating rink in Gainesville. This is not true. 

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