3 Drugstore Eyeshadow Looks for the Green-Eyed Girl

Some say that only 2 percent of the world's population has green eyes, so if you're an emerald-eyed collegiette, welcome to the (very exclusive) club! After a bit of research and experimentation (shoutout to my green-eyed roommate, Lexi), I was able to put together three eyeshadow looks that make green eyes stand out.

1. How to choose the right eyeshadow

There are a few things to consider before choosing the right colors for your eyeshadow. Specifically, the colors that contrast green which are what make the eyes pop. This shouldn’t come as a shock to most of you, but there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to eye color. You must first consider not only the general color of your eye, but take a look at the undertones and the different colored flecks or hues present in the eye.

For some green eyes, there are no distinct undertones or different colors present, which is typically referred to as a true green eye. People with true green eyes should stick to warmer colors such red-browns and various shades of pink. If your eyes contain golden hues then you should stick to colors such as plum, wine and lavender to accentuate the yellow undertones. If your eyes are more brown and appear hazel, then opt for deep blues such as navy, or choose a lighter contrast such as lilac or even periwinkle to showcase the various colors of brown, green and gold. There are a multitude of ways to show off your beautiful green eyes, it’s all about experimenting to find which shades suit your eye color the best and make them stand out.

Look #1: Pink Tones

Palette Used: NYX Ultimate Multi-finish Shadow Palette (Sugar High, $18, NYX website).

How to Create: Apply the top left corner matte shade as a base to set the lid with a dense flat brush. Take the second matte shade in the first row on a fluffy brush and work it into the crease with wind-shield wiper motions, layer twice more until a defined crease is established. Next, using the same fluffy brush take the bright peachy-pink matte shade and blend it into the crease going slightly below the first crease shade so both colors can be seen. Take a small dense crease brush and use the second matte shade again to deepen the outer V of the eye. Using your finger, take the pink metallic shade on the bottom row and pat it onto the center of the lid. Use a small detailer brush to pick up the first shimmer shadow in the second row and place it on the inner corner of the eye. On a small dense flat brush, use the second matte shade in the first row to smoke out the lower lash line. Using the same brush, go back into the bright peachy-pink matte shade and apply it to the outermost corner of the lower lash line. Use a clean fluffy brush to blend out any harsh lines. If you’re a fan of eyeliner, go ahead and apply it, but it’s totally optional. Finish the look off with your favorite mascara and you’re done!

This eyeshadow look utilizes pink tones to enhance the green in the eyes, because this look focuses on the warmer shades of pink such as the peachy-pink shadow, people with true green eyes would really benefit from giving this look a try. By the way, this look pairs well with a nude lip and a gloss!

Look #2: Burnt Orange

Palette Used: Milani Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Collection (Earthy Elements, $7.99 at Target).

How to Create: Prior to the application of these shadows, you should apply concealer to the lids and set them with powder. Next, take a fluffy brush and apply the brown matte shade in the crease. Using the same fluffy brush lightly pick up the burnt orange colored matte shade and blend into the crease. Layer on the burnt orange shade a couple more times until the two shades are distinct. Using a small crease brush take the dark brown next to the burnt orange shade and carefully work it into the outer corner of the eye. Taking a little more product, blend the shade until a defined outer V is formed. Using your finger, take the far left shimmer shade and place it onto the inner corner and center lid. Using a fluffy brush take the first brown matte and blend the shimmer shadow you just applied, so the transition from shimmer to matte is not harsh. Using a small dense flat brush, take the first brown matte shade and smoke out the lower lash line focusing on the outer corner. Apply liner if desired and top it off with mascara.

The red undertones of this palette contrast the color green so well. These shadows are also perfect for the fall season which we have just began, so it gives you the perfect excuse to try this look out and see if it make your green eyes sparkle.

Look #3: Purple Shades

Palette Used: NYX Avant Pop! Shadow Palette (Nouveau Chic, $16.99 at Target)

How to Create: First, apply the bottom left corner matte shade all over the lid. Using a fluffy brush, take the second shadow in the first row and blend it into your crease as a transition shade. Layer until the crease is well defined. Using a slightly dense blending brush pick up the lavender shade and work that into the transition color and along the outer V. Do this several times until the color is established. Using a dense crease brush take the deeper purple in the palette and concentrate it on the outer corner of the eye, going only half way into the crease. Again, keep layering until the purple color is dominant. Using the second shadow from the top row, the same as the transition color, work it into the deeper purple on a fluffy blending brush to eliminate harsh lines and fade out the edges. Add more or the deeper purple if the color diminished after blending. Take a soft flat top brush and use the second shimmer shadow from the bottom row and pat all over the lid. Layer until the shimmer is distinct on the lid. Using the transition color on a fluffy brush, blend the purple from the crease into the shimmery lid to create a fade of colors. Using a small dense flat top brush, take the deep purple and blend it into the outer corner of the bottom lash line. Using the same brush, take the lavender color and place it into the center of the lower lash line and blend it into the deep purple in the outer corner. Apply liner ass desired and finish the look with mascara.

Purple is one of my favorite way to accentuate green eyes. The contrasting colors and darker hues of the shadows emphasize the lighter colors of green in the eye. Purple can be a great way to glam up your look and go for a smoky eye. Another tip is using a wing liner with this look to also emphasize the shape of your eye!

For all my green-eyed sisters out there, give these eyeshadow looks a try or attempt to use the shadow colors mentioned to enhance your eye color. Find the colors that best suit your green eyes and get creative to find what makes shades make them stand out. Makeup is a form of expression and can be used to as tool to enhance your natural features. So, find what works for you!

All photos courtesy of the author, Brittany Witiak.