23 Signs It’s Formal Season

While the end of the semester comes along with the usual stress of final exams and figuring out summer plans, the end of the Spring semester also brings with it a fun end of the year celebration — formal. For those of you involved in Greek life one way or another, be it through your own membership or the membership held by your significant other, you know that formal season, and more specifically preparing for formal, can be a horrifically beautiful combination of stress and fun. Here are 23 ways you know it’s formal season.

1. Everyone is busy scrambling to get enough points to go.

2. You run into every sorority girl you’ve ever met at the mall — all looking for dresses.

3. Girls you don’t know Facebook message you asking to borrow a dress you were wearing in one of your Instagram photos.

4. Online shopping becomes a compulsive habit and you find yourself scanning your favorite stores every day in the hopes of finding the dress.

5. Your S.O. decides to let you know last minute about his formal, forcing you to scramble to now find TWO great dresses.

6. Not to mention shoes.

7. Makeup appointments at MAC or Sephora are nearly impossible to get.

8. Older girls start offering up their cooler-making services for what seems to be a crazy amount of money.

9. You realize you have one week to make the perfect cooler and immediately start hyperventilating.

10. You pull all-nighter after all-nighter making sure that each cooler design is traced to perfection.

11. You cry literal tears of joy when you step back and looking lovingly at your finished cooler.

12. You really really really don’t want to have to give the cooler to your date. I mean, it’s technically yours right?

13. Midtown is packed every night with people on the prowl for dates.

14. Your Facebook feed is now strangely filled with formal date application forms.

15. Going to the gym feels like a daytime social filled with guys and girls trying to get formal ready at the last minute.

16. Daily gym routines are counteracted by late-night, stress-induced chocolate binges.

17. You wait until the last minute to get your nails done to make sure they are pristine for the day of.

18. There’s a two-hour wait at your favorite nail salon and you literally hate yourself.

19. You show up to your eyebrow place and it's the same thing.

20. If you thought you were a broke college girl before, you don’t even want to look at your bank account now.

21. Your Instagram feed is bombarded with cute formal pictures, one after the other.

22. Favorite restaurants are packed with people looking for a much-needed carb load.

23. You realize finals are around the corner and are reminded of the fact that you’re still a student.

Have fun and be safe on formal, collegiettes!

Photo Credits: Blogspot.com