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22 Times the New Girl Cast Was Guaranteed to Make you Laugh

The cast of New Girl has a weird ability to entertain you in a way that you can’t help but crack a smile. Whether Jess is busy paper mâchéing polka dots onto her new plastic pig sculpture, Schmidt is using extremely descriptive analogies to describe his love for men’s fashion and cleanliness or Nick is just simply hating the universe (including sunshine), these characters are sure to have you laughing. Here are a few of the best New Girl moments that are sure to turn any day around.

1. When Jess does a great job of playing it cool after seeing a total hottie at the bar.

2. When Nick does a good job of accurately setting his standards high.

3. When Schmidt is honest about the fate of the world.

4. And then it only gets worse…

5. When Jess did a spot-on impression of Nick.

6. When we could all relate with Winston trying to find a job.

7. When Jess accurately depicted our biggest fear.

8. When Nick voiced his complaints against cutlery.

9. When Winston talks about the struggles of being an African American man.

10. When we could all relate to Jess’s frustrations.

11. When Schmidt was puzzled over Winston’s stupidity.

12. That one time Winston got punny.

13. But nothing beats Schmidt’s greatest pun.

14. When Jess was a little more emotional than usual.

15. When Nick felt a little out of place.

16. When Winston assured us of his sanity in layman’s terms.

17. When Jess completely mastered small talk.

18. When Winston realized he was colorblind.

19. Do I even need to preface this?

20. Whenever Schmidt used his weird metaphorical lingo.

21. And when he delicately told Nick how he felt.

22. Finally, that one time Jess looked like a “hungry badger.”

If you’re looking for a reason to start watching New Girl, here were 22. This show is absolutely packed with laugh-out-loud moments, and if it wasn’t on your “to-binge-on” list, it should be now. I hope this made you smile, collegiettes!

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