2000s Comebacks: Take It or Leave It?

The 2000s are back and thriving. The Jo-bros returned and thanks to them (and recent posts from Miley Cyrus on Instagram) we're basically reliving the early 2000s. However, I have some questions and concerns that I think we need to revisit.

Are we going to continue remaking things?

Freaky Friday, the musical, and “Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama” = flops

If you’ve been keeping up with television in the past two years then you’re aware of the pressure and emphasis placed on remaking or revisiting childhood favorites. In theory, the idea sounds great; but so far, this plan hasn’t been executed very well. People make the argument that we create remakes to satisfy the old fans while also attracting a new audience, but a lot of millennials with kids in their lives won’t promote these projects if they don’t have faith in them. I feel like the remake trend needs to end, and we should all leave it be.

Was Big Time Rush real, and can they come back?

I still don’t get it myself, but I liked them. In late 2009, Nickelodeon signed a music and television series deal with the band “Big Time Rush.” The group consisted of members: Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson. They were presented as a group of friends from a small town who loved music, creating a band together. The fact that Nickelodeon introduced the world to the band through a sitcom, it was hard to decipher, and ultimately never really talked about, whether or not the group was created by Nick or formed organically. Contrived to succeed or not, Big Time Rush created hit music and really only got four years of performance and success. This group definitely needs to have a reunion or at least  proper closure, revealing all the secrets and truths to fans.

Will there be a Disney reunion tour?

Amongst all of the buzz of the Jonas Brothers coming together, some people failed to realize that other Disney musician-siblings. Aly and AJ are touring as well. The famed duo announced that they changed their name to 78violet in 2009 and officially announced their departure from Hollywood Records the following year. Their first single in five years was released in 2013. They announced plans for a full-length album soon after. Unfortunately, their album was leaked on the internet, but the resilient twosome decided to return to their original name in 2015 and release new music. To get to the point, Aly and AJ should definitely have a joint concert with the Jo-bros. Both bands come from a Disney background and seeing both currently ease back into the music scene feels like its almost rude for them to not acknowledge each other.

Why did Ashley Tisdale not get the praise she deserved?

I was an Ashley Tisdale fan since the beginning of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody all the way through the “High School Musical” series and beyond. Sadly, I think a lot of people got wrapped up in her whole Sharpay persona and refused to support her musical career like they did for Vanessa Hudgens. Her newest album “Symptoms” came out just a few weeks ago, featuring some vulnerable songs, dealing with her mental health struggles and resistance to come back to music. As we’re entering this era of going back to 2000s stars, I think that we, collectively as a millennial generation, need to come together and give Ashley the support she truly deserves.

The idea of beloved mid-2000s musicians and shows returning to mainstream media is very exciting. However, I think there is a lot for creators and singers to live up to when reapproaching old fans.

Are there any artists that you’re hoping to reappear in the limelight?