20 Things That Are Elementary School AF

I’m going to go ahead and say it: The '90s kids have a pretty definite idea of what childhood was like. This is my summary of what elementary school pop culture was like for me back in the day.

1. All things Lisa Frank

2. Riding your Razor scooter around the neighborhood

3. Writing in a diary that was hidden somewhere in your room (bonus points if it had a lock and key)

4. Jamming out to Radio Disney and trying to call in to request Jump5

5. Getting scolded in the grocery store for using Heelys inside

6. Having a rolling backpack because it was ~cool~

7. The OG iPods

8. Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs)

9. Skorts were stylish back then, okay

10. Boybands

11. Figuring out which celebrity was going to be your future spouse through the game “MASH” (mansion/apartment/shack/house)

12. Spending all your time playing on the Gameboy Color

13. Rooting for our girl Kim Possible to always save the day

14. Flip phones being the hottest commodity on the market

15. Figuring out who was which Powerpuff Girl in your friend group

16. Living for the days when your mom would let you have a Lunchable

17. Being unsure about the scientific possibility of Catdog

18. Feeling so classy when you had a gel pen

19. Having sleepovers

20. And finally, feeling THE COOLEST when it was time for middle school

I hope I’ve inspired you to break out your gel pens and find your old diaries. And most importantly, definitely dedicate this week’s #ThrowbackThursday to you with your Heelys and roller backpack to show you were the coolest of cool.

Photo credit: tumblr.com