19 Times Tom Haverford Was Your Spirit Animal

As if I even have to say it, being a girl in college is just plain hard. With everything we have on our plate, it's nice to find someone who we can totally relate to — a spirit animal per se. This special someone is completely in touch with our day-to-day struggles, and they can make us laugh unconditionally and take the words right out of our mouths. More recently, this spirit animal has taken its form in the hilarious and beloved Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation. There’s arguably no one better than “Entertainment 720’s Tommy” to act out any and every thought, feeling and emotion that we’ve ever had on campus, while at home or on a night out. If you’ve thought it, Tom Haverford’s probably said it.

He is the original pioneer of "Treat Yo’Self Day."

He understands what it’s like to have champagne taste on a college budget.

He has firsthand experience with the torture that is online shopping.

He is completely confident in what he’s bringing to the table.

He perfectly understands our cell phone attachment.

He has the perfect work ethic.

And he also despises working out.

He is basically you after one too many drinks at Ladies' Night.

He gives out the best advice.

When he pretty much summed up what it’s like to be called on in class:

He’s the only person who understands our love for YA books.

He is glamorous every step of the way.

He’ll always tell you like it is.

He understands the importance of the perfect mixed CD.

He’s down for a good trip to the mall.

When he gave you the most valid reason for ending a relationship:

When he said what you’ve been wanting to say to your professor all semester long:

No one can talk you up before a night out like he can.

When he said this and you couldn't even:

To quote the great Tom Haverford, “When I bet on a horse, I never lose. Why? I bet on all the horses.” If only we could all lead our lives the same way, the world would be a much better place.

Photo credit: tumblr.com