17 Times Jim and Pam from The Office were #RelationshipGoals

For me, those three little words that we all long to hear are synonymous with another set of three little words: Jim and Pam. These two together are arguably the best television couple to ever exist. They created the true pillars of love that rest on a very sturdy foundation from a slightly smaller screen as they high-fived across the office and teamed up to play practical jokes on Dwight. Here are some of the best moments when these Halperts were the epitome of #relationshipgoals.

1. When Pam fell asleep on Jim’s shoulder and you wanted to scream with joy (and have Roy just completely cease to exist).

2. When even Pam’s mom knew before they did.

3. When this beautiful exchange took place.

4. When it finally became official. You know you were tearing up just like Pam.

5. Anytime this happened. Ever.

6. When Jim somehow managed to make a fake proposal adorable.

7. When Jim makes the actual proposal adorable. (P.S. That isn't rain — it's God’s tears of happiness.)  

8. And when Jim shared how long he has had the engagement ring. *heart melts*

9. And this.

10. And just when you thought your heart couldn’t take any more perfection…

11. When you decided mental pictures are the best thing you’ve ever heard of....

12. ... Oh, and that Jim is actually an angel.

13. When you were more pumped for this fictional wedding than you ever will be for your own.

14. When they find out they are having a mini Halpert and you have never been more excited in your life.

15. Or when you realize perfect moments can be the little things.

16. When you can’t help but giggle along with them.

17. When Jim makes Pam the video and you just sit and ugly cry uncontrollably.

18. Look up #relationshipgoals anywhere and this is the only defintion that ever mattered.