15 Thoughts Every Gator Has During FSU Hate Week

As Gator fans, we wait all year for the chance to beat our biggest rival in football: FSU. The week leading up to this huge rivalry football game is filled with emotions and school spirit, both for Gator fans and Seminole fans alike. Here are some of the thoughts we all have in The Swamp during this week of passion.

1. "My favorite game of the year is only days away, and I can’t contain my excitement."

2. "I can’t wait to be like this..."

3. "And for FSU fans to be like this..."

4. "All my friends at FSU are already talking smack about last year’s game."

5. "But I’ll just have to remind them of the current AP Poll rankings."

6. "And that orange and blue are obviously the better colors."

7. "Even though I may be secretly bitter that garnet, gold and black look so cute together."

8. "And then I think I’ll have to stop talking to my FSU friends until the game is over."

8. "Too bad I can’t ignore my split household during this week. It makes for an unpleasant Thanksgiving."

9. "Speaking of Thanksgiving, am I the only one who is annoyed that this game always falls during the break?"

10. "But of course I’m cutting my break short for it anyway, because #schoolspirit #inallkindsofweather #itsgreatUF."

11. "As happy as I am that the game is in Gainesville this year, I am NOT happy to have Seminoles invading our territory this weekend."

12. "My classes have been especially stressful these past couple weeks. I almost wish I went to FSU so I wouldn’t have to try so hard…"

13. "Just kidding. I would never wish such a thing on myself."

14. "More than anything, this week reminds me how proud I am to go to this amazing school with so much spirit and camaraderie."

15. "Because as always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator!"

During this week of family and delicious food, I know we will all have the big game in the back of our minds. May the best team win! And if the rivalry hasn't gotten to your head yet and you're wondering what the Seminoles are thinking this week, check out this article by our pals at HC FSU, "15 Thoughts Every Seminole Has During UF Hate Week."

Photo credit: collegemagazine.com