14 Signs You’ve Officially Reached Grandma Status

You’ve started to notice a few tell-tale signs: You’d rather stay in your bed than go out with your friends. Nothing entertains your mind more than sleep, and you have a newfound love for all things Betty Crocker. It’s official — grandma status has been achieved. You went straight from the college freshman scene to the retirement home, and here are 14 reasons you have no regrets.

1. If it were up to you, parties would start at 5 p.m. and be over by 9.

2. Because there is nothing better than a full night’s rest.

3. Waking up early doesn’t bother you like it does the rest of your college counterparts either.

4. Your friends know you are always prepared—your purse is an endless supply of practical items.

5. On Christmas morning, unwrapping kitchenware leaves you feeling giddy inside.

6. And so does cleaning and doing your laundry.

7.  Staying in and sliding into a pair of slippers sounds way more enjoyable than a night on the town.

8. Trying to stay hip with the teenage lingo is like…

9. Not to mention, young people tend to get on your nerves.

10. All your friends come to you for advice because they know you are wise beyond your years.

11. Also, you are undeniably the most emotional in the friend group.

12. You enjoy baking treats as much, if not more, than you do eating them.

13. And you find drinking hot tea to be extremely soothing.

14. Comfort beats style any day.

Although you may have sped through the aging process faster than other kids your age, your grandma self is enjoying retirement. There’s nothing wrong with comfort and baked goods! Welcome to the good life, collegiettes!

Photo credit: whatiwishfor.co