14 Signs You Grew Up on an Island

Growing up in an island town, there are some things I thought were normal that in college I quickly realized were definitely not. I guess I just assumed that everyone knew how to surf and knew what a paddleboard was.

Island life definitely had its ups and downs, but don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The following are 14 things that ring true to anyone who grew up on an island or around the water:.

1. The island community is so small that there are stickers saying “I Love My Island” plastered on everyone’s cars.

2. People not from your hometown are so intrigued by the fact that you grew up on an island. “Wait, you lived on an island?! Is that even apart of the US?”

3. It’s completely normal to wear flip flops to school, work, formal events and pretty much everywhere.

4. You were often late to class because you had to wait for the drawbridge to close, so you could drive onto the mainland.

5. Whenever there is any sort of rainfall, you get a million alerts for thunderstorm warnings, flood warnings and tornado warnings, but most of the time the only thing that happens is a rainbow.

6. Everyone has a permanent hurricane kit in their house, fully stocked with a NOAA weather radio, at least 10 gallons of water and enough canned food to feed an army.

7. People leave their hurricane shutters up year-round because you never know when the next one is going to hit.

8. Your elementary school science classes were centered around oceans and marine life, and a common field trip was to the beach.

9. Your family owns a boat, jet ski and other water sporting equipment, and you knew how to drive/use it all by the time you were 12.

10. Sundays are boat days.

11. Everyone owns a GoPro or some sort of waterproof camera to document their water adventures (most of the time surfing or jet skiing).

12. You have a dock in your backyard.

13. You can literally swim to a friend’s house because they live on the other side of the canal.

14. And sadly, there is an ever-present fear of the little island you call home completely drowning.


No matter what happens, that island will always be my home. I guess it’s time for me to get one of those “I Love My Island” stickers for my car.


Photo credit: Smartertravel.com, Merrittislandnow.com, Quickmeme.com, Cdn.meme.am, Decogirlmontreal.com