14 Reasons Why A Cat Is Better Than A Boyfriend

1. They don’t discriminate.Cats don’t care what you look like. Whether you're fat, skinny, black, white, blonde or brunette, it doesn’t matter! They just care if you’ve fed them or given them attention.

2. When they distract you from work, you won’t mind.Boyfriend keeping you from doing homework? Annoying. Cat keeping you from doing homework? Adorable!

3. They are always down for a lazy night in.Cats are masters at kicking back and lounging the day away. They’ll even watch every episode of your favorite show with you without you having to explain things to them.

4. They don’t judge you for being a hot mess.Well, maybe they do, but who knows? At least they can’t call you out on it or make you feel bad.

5. They can tell when something is wrong.Like dogs and other pets, cats are great and sensing when something is wrong with their human. Whether you're sick, stressed or sobbing, your fur baby will be there by your side to distract you through it.

6. They’re the best listeners.Tired of your boyfriend never listening? Get a cat! They’ll be happy to stare at you blankly while you talk about your problems. At least you know they won’t talk back or interrupt you.

7. They take up less space in bed and won’t steal your covers.Well, in theory.

8. They don’t come with drama.Cats don’t come with any baggage or crazy ex-owners to worry about. They crave the simple life without any of that nonsense.

9. They’re less messy than boys.Cats are incredibly hygienic animals. They like to keep themselves clean, and they also don’t leave the toilet seat up or “forget” to do the dishes.

10. They complain less.Because honestly, what does a cat have to complain about? Did they sleep too much that day? Were they bored not having to worry about rent or car payments?

11. They’ll kill bugs for you.They’re your furry little hero.

12. They’re good for your overall health.Did you know that being around a purring cat can lower blood pressure and overall stress levels? This is because a cat’s purr fluctuates between 20-140 Hz, a frequency range which has been proven to be medically therapeutic.

13. They won’t fight with you.They might slap you with their paw or hiss at you, but they won’t pick petty arguments or ever scream at you when they’re mad.

14. They’re abundantly cuter than any boyfriend.It’s hard to compete with tiny paws like that.