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12 Moments Every Girl Can Relate To

Being a girl isn’t easy. It may seem effortless to the unknowing eye, but all us girls deserve a gold medal. Throughout the average day, there are multiple moments of cringe-worthy situations that come with the territory of having ovaries. Here are some of the biggest struggles that all us females can all relate to.

1. Rubbing your eyes or showering and forgetting you have makeup onUndoubtedly one of the most dreaded experiences. This almost always results in an immediate transformation into a raccoon that fills you with remorse.

2. Wearing a pretty dress or skirt on a windy dayAlthough you may feel pretty and enjoy twirling in the flowy-ness and freedom of your outfit choice, a windy day leaves you bursting with regrets. One heavy breeze leaves you pulling a Marilyn Monroe, and not in the good kind of way.

3. Poking your eye when using eyelinerNot only did the sharp object you just stabbed your eye with hurt, but now your eye is watering and ruining all the makeup you just spent 15 minutes applying. Cool.

4. Painting your nails and then smudging themI’m convinced it might just be impossible to not mess up one nail at least once, making painting your nails a hour-long affair. Not to mention, we’re all familiar with the unavoidable sheet impressions that result after sleeping before your nails were fully dry.

5. Putting on tights or pantyhoseThe only way to effectively put these garments on is multiple jumps and dancing around your room. God forbid anyone catch you in this act.

6. The sports bra dilemmaNot only will it crush your boobs, but it’ll crush your soul. But mostly your boobs.

7. When your straightener or curling iron burns your neckNo mother, trust me, that is not a hickey; boys do not like me.

8. Being in class and having your stomach growlIt sounds like there is a small monster in you stomach, and you’re positive people in the classroom can literally hear your hunger.

9. The struggles of liquid eyelinerIt’s inevitable that you will manage to apply one eye’s eyeliner flawlessly, but you immediately realize that there is no way the second eye will look remotely close. Heartbreaking.

10. When people tell you “you look really tired”Yes, thank you for pointing that out. I am currently sporting 50 shades of grey under my eyes.

11. The constant struggle between wanting to wear girly, pretty skirts and wanting to sit like a man…Enough said.

12. The pain that is also known as cute shoesWhy is it that the cutest shoes are always the most impractical? Breaking in those new wedges are sure to leave some nice new blisters. Or when your new ballet flats leave you waddling like a duck because the back of your heels have recently been removed of all their skin. But, beauty is pain right?

Although all these struggles go hand in hand with being a girl, at the end of the day, the cute clothes, pretty hairstyles and adorable accessories make it all worth it.

Photo credit: slouisebailey.wordpress.com

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