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12 Celebrities That I Think Would Be the Best Valentine’s Date Ever

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

This isn’t your basic valentine.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I can’t help but wonder what everyone is doing to celebrate. More specifically, what the celebrities are doing. It appears every year I am left to wonder who is the romantic and who is the rebel against the holiday in Hollywood. So, without further ado, here is my list of celebrities that I believe would be the best valentine I could ask for.

Taylor swift

Let me start this off by saying that my girl T Swift has SEEN IT ALL. She has already experienced just about every type of true love and heartbreak there is. I guess you could say she knows it “All Too Well” (wink wink). In all seriousness, Taylor would make an excellent valentine! She knows all the underground New York City spots and would for sure let you have the first sip of her drink at dinner. She’s sweet, funny, and all-around a good time! Tay Swift would be the perfect Valentine’s date!

Doja Cat

I know Doja is down for anything. She could be your wild night out or your chill night in. Because she’s a girl who loves to dance and likes to game, I know I would be down for anything as long as she’s there. Doja Cat brings such fun energy with her and always knows how to have a good time. She would be the perfect valentine because no matter what y’all have planned, she’d be down for the ride with a guaranteed good time!

Jonathan Van ness

Jonathan is all about that self-care. For Valentine’s Day, he would ensure the night was spent doing facials over a bottle of wine. He would teach you all his tips and tricks to being literally perfect and, overall, would be a fantastic valentine.

Hunter Schafer

Hunter is the type of girl that just has that unique spark of energy. They just radiate joy and sincerity. Hunter would be the perfect person to share some chocolate strawberries while watching all of those cliche rom coms with. She wouldn’t judge you for crying at the sappy endings and might even shed a tear with you.

girl in red

The queer icon herself. I feel she would write you the sweetest song as a Valentine’s Day gift and would perform it over the cutest picnic you’ve ever seen. She would be such a good Valentine’s date because she knows how to pull at those heartstrings in all the right ways. Would being her valentine mean you could potentially be the star of her next hit song: we fell in love in February?

Harry styles

This seems pretty obvious. Harry Styles is the textbook definition of a romantic. I mean, come on, his favorite genre is rom coms. His favorite movie is “The Notebook.” Let that info sink in. Harry is THE valentine of the century.

Simone Biles

Simone is one of the most in touch, understanding and determined celebrities I have ever seen. She is an inspiration to so many, and yet, she still has an element about herself that makes her so humble. Simone would be a great valentine because she isn’t afraid to speak about her feelings. She knows what it’s like and wouldn’t judge you for your feelings either. She is the type of girl you can connect with on that deeper level!

Adam Sandler

Adam was, and always will be, the class clown of Hollywood. I feel like he would be the type of guy to order a pizza in the shape of a heart and pair it with a side of a few tequila shots. In my opinion, this sounds amazing. He would be the type to think the pizza is enough Valentine’s Day and would offer to watch a comedy with you. Not everyone is a huge lover of Valentine’s Day, and I feel like he would respect and agree with that.


Now I know my girl Lizzo is spending Valentine’s Day throwing the party of the century. Lizzo is the type of girl to make sure that not only you but also all your friends are feeling the love this Valentine’s Day season. She knows that love can come from anywhere and everyone deserves it. So why not go wild with it! Lizzo is the valentine that you never forget and will want to have around year after year!

Dwayne “the rock” johnson

The Rock would be a great valentine because, while he’s big and muscular, is also one of the softest and sweetest guys out there. I think Dwayne would find pride in taking you out to a fancy and romantic dinner. A place where you can get dressed up and can feel confident. He would be the valentine to give you the world for the night!


This man is everything. He is kind, funny and compassionate. He would be THE BEST valentine this year. Being a guy who loves adventure, Simu would definitely take you out to do something you’ve both never done before. Whether that be skydiving, rock climbing or go-kart racing, he would ensure that you guys have a great time!

Mindy Kaling

Mindy is your go-to gal when it comes to Valentine’s Day. She’s easygoing and will try anything with you. I feel like she’s the type to go cocktail tasting with you and just let you relax and gossip with her. She’s an incredible listener as well as an incredible person to get advice from. She knows a thing or two about everything. This is what makes her a great valentine!

Madison is a student at The University of Florida majoring in Mass Media Production with a minor in Graphic Design. Madison is a positive individual who loves astrology, Harry Styles, and any kind of iced coffee. When she isn't writing, you can find her shopping for plants, playing Mariokart with her friends, and perfecting her strategies for making the perfect avocado toast.