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11 Thoughts Every UF Student Will Have Before the SEC Championship Game

This weekend is a HUGE weekend for the University of Florida football team because us Gators are playing in the SEC Championship! Naturally, all of us UF students are super excited, and we cannot wait until Saturday. While we are waiting for the big day to arrive, here are 11 thoughts every UF student will have during this week.

1. First, we’re a little upset, because we did just lose to FSU, our in-state rivals.

2. But then we remember that we get to play in a championship game, while Florida State is stuck at home. Take that FSU!

3. We are so excited because our team gets to play in Atlanta.

4. And we know that we have great history in the SEC Championship—this weekend’s appearance is our 12th appearance in the game (the most in the SEC), and we’ve won the game seven times (also the most in the conference).

5. But we are, admittedly, a little scared to face the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.

6. We know they’re really good.

7. But hey, our school is ranked 14th in the list of top public schools by U.S. News, while the University of Alabama is ranked 46th.

8. We’re not sure why Alabama has an elephant as its mascot, when it is called the Crimson Tide.

9. And why do Alabama fans say, “Roll Tide”?

10. At the end of the day though, we can’t wait to face Bama.

11. And no matter what happens, us UF students and Gator fans will always stick together.

Go Gators! Beat Bama!


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