11 Perks of Dating Your High School Sweetheart

Let's be real for a second — when you're in college, dating is pretty rare. But dating your high school boyfriend is even more rare. If you are one of those lucky ones, you know that dating your high school sweetheart is the best thing in the world. Here are just some of the reasons why.

1. When you're home, he's there too. 
There's no need for visiting each other's far-away homes over summer or winter break. He's there, you're there, and it’s your home. 

2. You prom pictures aren't awkward.
While most people’s pictures are with a random prom date who they probably don’t even talk to anymore, you love your prom date. He’s your best friend and boyfriend! And you have tons of material for fun throwback posts on Instagram. 

3. Your parents know each other.
They probably see each other at Publix, and maybe they even hang out. Who doesn't love parent bonding? 

4. You know the same people.
There's no need to explain who people are in your long-winded stories. Chances are, they went to your school and are from the same hometown.

5. You can get nostalgic about the same things.
You can reminisce about the best restaurants, sunsets on the beach and other unique things about your city. Talk about #localvibes.

6. You get each other on an insanely deep level.
You've dated for so long that you basically know him better than you know yourself, and that's the best bond.

7. You like the same sports teams. 
Go Rays! #NoYankeesFansAllowed 

8. You can chill with each other’s families.
It's not that awkward “Hello, nice to meet you, I've been dating your son for a while away at college.” Instead, it's like “What's up dudes, I'm at my second home!” 

9. You've got your soulmate already.
It takes people years of stress and heartbreak to find what you already found in high school. 

10. No one can top you guys on inside jokes.
You've basically got a secret language of nicknames, sayings and inside jokes from the years you’ve been together. 

11. He stuck with you through your awkward years.
He knows everything about you since high school and still loves you. Hold onto that boy.

Dating your high school sweetheart is perfect. While your friends are trying to navigate the creepy hook-up scene of college, you’re chilling with a significant other who already feels like home. Nothing can top that.

Photo credit: CH Photography