10 Struggles of Being the Last Friend to Turn 21

Some of you may understand my current predicament. Most of my friends are older than me, and I seem to be the last straggler who hasn’t hit 21 yet. I still have five months to go, which I can confidently say will be a very long five months. For those of you who do understand my predicament, I stand with you in solidarity. For those of you lucky enough to have an early birthday, here’s what you’re missing out on.

1. You’re automatically the designated driver.

2. You’re also automatically the babysitter.

3. Always being treated like the baby of the group has you feeling like...

4. When you have to pretend to be happy for each of them when they turn 21...

5. Every time you pay more for cover, you just want to tell the bouncer...

6. They go to bars that you’re not allowed in.

7. You have to watch them order delicious-looking cocktails at dinner that you can’t get.

8. Your spring break cruise will be a very different experience for you.

9. You’re forced to sit in the car when they’re buying wine.

10. When you have to correct people who assume you’re 21 because all your friends are...

Stay strong, under 21-year-olds. Your time will come soon enough.

Photo credit: mysecuritysign.com