10 of the Strangest Things I've Done to Save Money in College

Like many college students today, I am on a budget, and sometimes I find myself having to discover creative ways to wipe out little costs that can add up. Some of these methods may seem a little strange, but they have actually really helped me to save a few extra dollars each month. Here is a list of some of the strangest things I have done to save money.

1. Rip things in half. Why do I have a whole tissue when I just need half of it? I can use the other half later. The same goes for paper towels and paper.

2. Load up on napkins at fast food restaurants so I do not have to buy as many.

3. Try to fix my shoes when they break instead of buying a new pair. Remember, duct tape fixes everything!

4. Walk instead of using my car to save gas money. Walk even if the distance is more than a mile, and even if it's in the rain.

5. Always show up to the meetings with free food.

6. Always keep an eye out for coupons. And get the free food no matter what, even if I don’t like that food.

7. Never waste a drop of lotion or soap. Scrape the inside of the bottles with a spoon if needed.

8. Use the excess cleaning liquid found in wipes containers to clean my floors.

9. Hang out by the water fountains on campus to ensure that I always have free water. Bring water bottles, too!

10. Stuff the washing machine to the brim with my clothes. We all need to get our money’s worth!

In total, these methods probably only save me about five dollars each month, but I don’t mind. That’s five dollars I did not have before! Get creative about saving money, ladies!

Photo Credit: ABC News, Giphy