10 Reasons I'm Glad I Go to UF and Not FSU

From the sight of the Century Tower, to the beauty of Lake Alice, the University of Florida makes me feel at home more than any other place could. It’s a fact that Florida State University couldn’t convince me to go there, except in the case of this weekend when our gators win. Not that I need even one, but here are ten things that remind me why I’m so happy to be a Florida Gator and not a Florida State Seminole.

1. Every time I see UF is ranked as a fantastic institution well above FSU, I’m nothing short of emotionally charged.

2. UF has too many credentials to conclude; Pulitzer Prize winners, Emmy Award winners, Olympic gold medalists, millions in research award money…

3. When a Nole talks at us as if they’re better, we know they’ve spoken too soon.

4. Gainesville is beautiful, so why would anyone want to live in the Nasty?

5. Gators are actually intimidating creatures.

6. Choosing UF was a no-brainer, unlike my academic career *ahem*


7. Speaking of our academics, I have something that’s actually impressive and important for which to be proud.

8. UF has always roasted FSU harder.

9. Gator fans are never sore losers, but we always have our doubts about FSU.

10. Plain and simple: we’re the SEC East champs.


Best of luck to Florida State this weekend.

Love, winners.


Photo credit: athlonsports.com, giphy.com