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10 Awkward Things that Happen When you Look Younger Than your Age

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

As a person who apparently looks way younger than I am, I have to consistently defend my age. I’ve been cursed with what I like to call “baby face syndrome.” Semantics aside, I look like a child. As I attempt to navigate these rough waters, I have found my kid-like features can make for some awkward situations. Below are some everyday occurrences that anyone who looks younger than they really are will understand.

1. Your age is constantly put into question.You have to remember to bring your ID when going to an R-rated movie. Always. And walking alone in Publix leads to concerned cashiers asking where your mom or dad is.

2. You will forever be seen as “cute.”No, I am not a puppy or the newest Gerber baby. I am a grown woman and “cute” is not the appropriate way to compliment me. The absolute worst is when the waiter calls you “sweetie.” *Rolls eyes *

3. Underage kids will hit on you.It’s a constant thing. Younger guys will try to flirt with you — and by younger I’m not talking about college freshmen. I’m talking about freshmen in high school. Last year, a 14-year-old hit on me at the beach and asked if I wanted to go see The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie in theatres. He said his mom would drive us.

4. You’re assumed to be the youngest in the family.Regardless of if you’re the oldest sibling, no one is going to guess that. You could be sitting with your little sister’s middle school friends and not look out of place at all.

5. You’re asked which high school you attend instead of what college you go to.Watching the shocked expressions of people reacting to the clarification that you are a sophomore in college and not in high school is always loads of fun. 

6. You have to get ready no matter where you are going.No makeup? Wow you actually look like an infant. “All natural” isn’t an option unless you want people to wonder where your backpack is and why you aren’t boarding that bus for the local middle school.

7. You have to work a little harder than your more mature-looking counterparts in order to be taken seriously.Yes, I work here, rude customer. And no, it is not “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.” Thank you for your concern though.

8. Costco’s free samples are a headache and a half.Time and time again, you get asked how old you are or if you have your mom’s approval to take this sample cup because it could contain allergens.

9. You constantly carry your car keys in your hand.Yes world, I am old enough to drive and these are my car keys to prove it.

10. People always tell you, “You’ll love it when you’re 40!”But the only thing you hear from that is that you’re going to have to deal with this crap till you’re 40?!

Yes, the diagnosis and symptoms of baby face syndrome are all too real. You know, in the very distant future, this whole situation will turn into some kind of weird blessing, but until then, stay away from the lollipops and cotton candy. It only makes it worse. And one day, following a long enough timeline, the woes of looking significantly younger than you are will be more of a blessing than a curse.  

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