HC UEA Campus Cutie: Penny Newman

This week we caught up with our final Campus Cutie for this term: the gorgeous Penny Newman. As a fourth year modern languages student, Penny spent the past year in Paris working in the fashion industry and improving her fluency in French.

We sat down with Penny to find out a little bit more…

Name: Penny Newman

Age: 21

Degree: French

What did you do in your year abroad?

“I had two jobs during my time in Paris, the first as a translator for a fashion website ‘Showroomprive.com’, the second as a workshop assistant at a design house ‘Antik Batik’.”

What is your favourite spot in Paris?

“Obviously it’s very hard to decide as there are so many amazing shops, cafes and parks, but it has to be the Marché aux puces de St-Ouen, just north of Paris. It’s the biggest flea market in Europe and you can pick up one-off pieces from all around the world.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I’d love to be a freelance translator and live in the English countryside.”

Would you ever return to Paris?

“I would for the right job, but it is so expensive to live there. I lived in a one bedroom flat in the red-light district and it cost more than my monthly wages!”