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HC UEA Campus Cutie: Jess Orestano

Seeing as Mothering Sunday is tomorrow, our campus cutie for this week is Jess Orestano: UEA graduate of 2014, talented singer and as of a week ago a new mother to a gorgeous little baby boy. We at HC UEA would like to wish Jess a very happy Mother’s Day and a relaxing time ahead in the company of her new favourite person!

Name: Jess Orestano

Hometown: Northants

Degree: Music and Technology

Describe yourself in three words:

“In three words I would say I am loyal, adventurous and open-minded.”

Favourite UEA memory:

“It’s hard to pick just one favourite memory but any time the sun came out and we’d relax by the lake or outside halls in the grass with some beers. Also riding the jaeger train in the LCR!”

What are your plans for the future?

“My future plans are to return to UEA in Sept ’16 to study for my PGCE. I’d like to teach primary school children and continue freelance sound engineering in my spare time.” 

Jen is a French and International Development student in her final year at University of East Anglia and an aspiring magazine editor. She is an active member of campus social life and when she is not writing future online content or updating her fashion and lifestyle blog, you will find her in Topshop or any cafe that serves tea and cake, reading tonnes of the latest fashion magazines.
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