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HC UEA Campus Celebrity: Taylor Swift

This week brings BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend to a close and none other than Taylor Swift ended the Norwich festival with a breath taking set this evening. The beautiful blonde singer-songwriter has been nominated for over 440 awards, winning 256 and breaking world records including the ‘Fastest Selling Single in Digital History’. With 7 Grammy’s, a Brit award and many a Country Music Association’s Pinnacle Award to her name, we thought that we would add to her collection by endowing her with the title of this week’s Campus Celebrity. 

The Pennsylvania born beauty is without question the girl that all UEA collegiettes want to call a best friend, with an unfaltering reputation for being lovely. The country music star is renowned for her grace, kindness and humour, building a strong rapport with her fans and often going above and beyond to repay them for their support. There are too many great Swift moments to count but a personal favourite among the Her Campus UEA team is ‘Taylor Swift’s Gift Giving of 2014’, affectionately referred to as ‘Swift-mas’. Taylor studied her fans on social media and picked a select few who deserved a treat or were going through a hard time, sending them boxes of carefully chosen presents and hand written letters to cheer them up. Thankfully it was all videoed for us to watch so if you ever want to feel festive or need a pick-me-up, check it out here:


Despite her incredible past and her bright future, Taylor has a place in our hearts for another reason: her much-loved talent for shaming ex-boyfriends through her music. In her SNL monologue song, she sang ‘I like writing songs about douchebags who cheat on me…I like putting their names in the song so they are ashamed to go out in public…’. Her SNL monologue song was definitely her most impressive ‘roast’ where she gracefully and wittily poked fun at the people who had done her wrong including Kanye West and Joe Jonas, putting them in their rightful place. Taylor, we salute you and wish we were mega-stars so we could have some fun revenge of our own.


As a fan of vintage trends, red lipstick and cats, we have no doubt that Taylor is destined to be a UEA girl and with the reception that she got from the crowd today she might as well enrol here. With her latest album ‘1989’ dominating the LCR playlist and a popular petition in place to get this country beauty to ‘Shake It Off’ in the student club, it’s safe to say that Taylor has been a hit at UEA.

Come back and visit us soon Taylor, we miss you already.

Jen is a French and International Development student in her final year at University of East Anglia and an aspiring magazine editor. She is an active member of campus social life and when she is not writing future online content or updating her fashion and lifestyle blog, you will find her in Topshop or any cafe that serves tea and cake, reading tonnes of the latest fashion magazines.
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