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HC UEA Campus Celebrity: Matt Pate

This week we caught up with Matt Pate: UEA student, budding entrepreneur and talented designer who has launched his own company during his time at UEA. Pate’s brand ‘Love From Matte’ is a clothing line inspired by tattoo art and music that has been worn by the likes of Greg James, Rizzle Kicks and Francis Boulle.

We sat down with Matt to find out a little bit more…

Name: Matt Pate

Degree: Business and Management

Hometown: Brentwood, Essex 

Describe yourself in three words: “Energetic, creative, wantrepreneur.”

Favourite UEA memory:

“Getting Greg James to wear a shirt and having an after party with him.”

Tell us a bit about ‘Love From Matte’:

“A mix of tattoo art and musical inspirations, throw in some street art and urban wear and you’ve nearly got it. It’s not always coherent but I’ve always produced what I’ve wanted to wear and love. Its good to know some other people do to!”

What inspired you to launch your own company?

“I’ve always been a massive fan of tattoo art, music and getting ideas out of my head on to some form of canvas. My friends like to say that I’m just scared of the commitment of a real tattoo so I put them on shirts instead. I’ve been doing graphic design since I was 16 and naturally put this to use by developing clothing instead. Anything I see around me can prompt inspiration which I’ll mock up with various ideas and then decide whether to go in to production. It’s always worth it when you see someone else wear it! I’ve always preferred working for myself, this was another idea that took hold!”

Running your own company must be difficult whilst still at Uni, is it tough balancing your business and your workload?

“It is always tough balancing any work, life and sleep. I have 3 jobs as well so managing my time is key. Usually it’s just a matter of sacrificing sleep and getting the work done. My house mates know me pretty well for being up and out of the house from 7am but I love what I’m doing so its not as hard as it sounds!”

Several celebrities have been photographed sporting a ‘Love From Matte’ tee, who are you proudest of wearing your brand?

“I’m proud of each one in a way but each meeting had its own charm. I just wanted other people to enjoy the shirts as well, so seeing more famous people in them is an added extra. Greg James is a soft spot for any UEA student but Rizzle Kicks were hilarious. I ended up playing guitar backstage with Jordan’s uncle without even realising.”

What is the future for ‘Love From Matte’?

“Sadly I’m discontinuing the brand, It was always a little love child of mine whilst at UEA but not so much a career. I’m currently reducing the line and selling off the limited pieces left. I’ve never wanted to do a reprint, even though people ask, as so many other ideas come to mind that I want to develop. After I graduate I’ll be discontinuing the ‘Love From Matte’. I’m currently involved with others businesses and I am developing my own pair of wireless in-ear earphones for launch in the next months. So get these last t-shirts while you still can, and look out for my earphones launch!”

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

“Hopefully running my own business in wearable fashion. Watches/music accessories etc. with my own spin on them. I’m getting a job now but I don’t even know how long I’ll last without wanting to pursue a new idea.”

How can Her Campus readers view your collection and buy a tee?

“Hit me up on Facebook @ love from matte and leave a little message. Only got smalls left but I’ll do you a little deal for £5!”




Jen is a French and International Development student in her final year at University of East Anglia and an aspiring magazine editor. She is an active member of campus social life and when she is not writing future online content or updating her fashion and lifestyle blog, you will find her in Topshop or any cafe that serves tea and cake, reading tonnes of the latest fashion magazines.
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