Your Life as a Sim

As an avid Sims player, I sometimes look at my poor, pathetic creations as they nearly set fire to their kitchens or die of boredom and think, “same”. The game was created to be a life simulator, but sometimes it simulates too well and I get second-hand cringe from my Sim being rejected or falling off a treadmill. Maybe these examples will convince that we’re also probably just living in a simulation…

Exercise is hard

Going from fitness skill level 0 to 10 is no joke, and sometimes there are injuries along the way. Other times, you may find the physical exertion of exiting a pool without a ladder so intense that you, too, just die. But other times, you go from skinny and scrawny to buff and brawny in just ten hours (with mood decay switched off).

Eating well is a struggle

When you’re only on cooking level 1, even a simple grilled cheese could literally be the death of you. Fire safety needs to be prioritised at school. Even if you manage to survive the flame, you may end up burning the meal so many times, that your Sim eventually just dies of hunger. There is no winning for some Sims.


Love is a battlefield

With The Sims, romance is always a risky pursuit. But with enough of the “Compliment Appearance”, “Flirt” and “Pick-Up Line” combo, you might get the option to have your “First Kiss”. Or you’ll be told you’re being awkward. You really never know when it comes to dating.

Pets make it all worthwhile

Every Sim loves a kitten or puppy, even when they destroy your furniture or pee in the house. Sims and their pets can be BFFS and a pet can replace having to interact with other Sims. Also, your pets can be famous on Simstagram.


Sometimes you just need to freak out

Sims are sensitive, uhm, Sims, and if their needs aren’t kept satisfied, they will go a bit off the rail. Whether it be from social deprivation or a lack of fun, Sims sometimes need to take a break from Sim life and watch some TV. Maybe you should take some advice from a Sim when their needs are low: get yourself back to green and then go to work or do your homework.